How Does Baby Powder Kill Fleas

How Does Baby Powder Kill Fleas

Are you curious on how does baby powder kill fleas?

It’s been recommended for ages to use baby powder to kill fleas. There’s a considerable possibility someone may suggest it if you’re unfortunate enough to have fleas in your house.

Fleas are the most common insects found among pets. And to get rid of them is not as easy as it seems.

Fleas get stuck to your pet’s fur and refuse to come out at any cost.

Even though many products are available on the market that helps get rid of fleas, they are high in chemicals that can be contagious to your pet and are not even environment-friendly.

Thus, baby powder is widely used to get rid of fleas from pet fur.

It has excellent properties to kill fleas and discharge them from the fur. So, let’s find out How does baby powder kills fleas.

How Does Baby Powder Kill Fleas?

Baby powder is undoubtedly an environment-friendly product, and it does not hurt your pet’s skin or fur.

It is a natural product that removes the flea while making the furs even softer. This is a tried and tested method to kill fleas.

So, you can rely on this technique of How does baby powder kills fleas.

This technique works by killing the fleas by suffocating them.

But, unfortunately, these fleas are expected on your pet’s body, and from the body, they can spread to your room’s carpets, bedsheets, and your pet’s bedding.

  • The first step is to use black sunglasses and white socks to find the fleas. Wear these weapons and go to your pet’s house. If you see fleas getting stuck in your socks, then it’s high time that you should start treatment.
  • If you see the fleas, there would be a need to dust them out of your pet’s body. To do so, pour some baby powder on your pet’s body. Then gently spread it to the entire body. Make sure to wear gloves before doing this. Leave it for some time and let the powder do its work.
  • Then, comb your pet’s fur properly using a flea comb.
  • To understand the flea’s activity, you would need a white towel to make the little fleas visible. If they seem alive, then repeat the process until you see them dying. The main motive is to dehydrate the fleas and kill them. So repeat the steps until you get desirable results.
  • After cleaning the fleas, give your pet a smooth bubbly bath to clean the skin, and then you can use a drier to dry it.
  • Since fleas are stuck almost everywhere in your house now, it is recommended to clean all your bed sheets and other fabrics where fleas are likely to get stuck after cleaning your pet. You can use it by sprinkling baby powder and leaving it for some time like the way you did with your pet’s fur. Then you can dry clean the fabrics or even use a vacuum cleaner. 

How Does Baby Powder Help In Cleaning?

Talcum powder is the main ingredient in baby powder, which is manufactured from the mineral talc.

Talcum is particularly good at absorbing moisture, which is why fleas become dehydrated and die when they come into touch with the baby powder.

However, there is a significant disadvantage to this product.

While you use it to kill the fleas, make sure that your pet does not swallow or inhale it by mistake.

Talcum powder can be very poisonous to health if swallowed or inhaled in a large amount.

It can cause problems like lethargic fever, vomiting, lung failure, skin blisters, coughing, convulsion, and breathing difficulty, and if it goes into the eyes, it can cause an eye infection. 

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Now that you know the functioning and properties of Talcum powder or baby powder, it must be clear how baby powder kills fleas.

If you want to use commercial chemical products, you can, but before that, take your pet to the vet doctor and ask him if your pet is strong enough to tolerate the chemical.

If you do not want any complications, baby powder is the best environmentally- the friendly and natural product you may use.

Just be careful and keep your pet away from the powder.

You can use other natural methods like bleach and baking soda to kill fleas from your pet’s body, but these are not as effective and safe as talcum powder. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put Baby Powder On A Dog?

Yes, baby powder is safe to use on dogs, cats, guinea pigs, etc. Do it the same way as instructed above to get favorable results.

Just make sure to use it on the skin and not bring it near the nostrils, mouth, or nose.

What Can I Put On My Skin To Keep Fleas Off Of Me?

Essential oils can be pretty helpful in getting rid of fleas on your skin quickly.

First, mix the oil with water and use a spray bottle to sprinkle it on your skin to avoid flea attacks on your skin. Oils used are rosewood, eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, citrus, lemongrass, or cedar.

Do Fleas Die In Winter?

Flea doesn’t get killed naturally at any seasons. However, it can breed easily during the summers and rainy seasons.

But it doesn’t die in winter. It remains but breeds less. Its growth can also initiate in winters as they would need warm accommodation. So, they attack the fur of your pets.

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