How to Get Boogers out of Newborn Nose

How to Get Boogers out of Newborn Nose

Before having a baby of your own, wasn’t it plain disgusting to see boogers sticking out of someone else’s nose?

The answer is positive, right? A mother learns so much in the process of nurturing the baby right from when he is born. 

Dealing with baby boogers and cleaning them out almost frequently is one of the learnings.

This article covers all about how to do that for your baby correctly. 

How to Get Boogers out of Newborn Nose

As a mother, you would never feel disgusted with having to clear out your baby’s boogers.

On the contrary, you would do everything to keep him clean and hygienic.

Such an event won’t even phase you anymore because you see it as a duty to fulfill your little ones.

When you start doing it, you will notice that there is a great sense of satisfaction to be found in the process of clearing out your baby’s nose. 

If you were thinking it to be anything so hard, take a deep breath. You can do it in a few simple steps and simple supplies; it is that easy.

What’s most important is your touch; gentle touch is an essential aspect of the process. 

If you look it up, just be sure not to pick any suggestion/advice against your baby’s comfort. Sometimes parents even talk about using rolled-up tissues or tweezers. 

Imagine what a bold and illiterate move that may be to remove the dried boogers and mucus.

You are never supposed to do that; you might end up hurting the baby really bad. 

Always remember, gently going through the process for your baby will go a really long way. 

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1. Salt Water Is Not Recommended for Cleaning

The viral baby videos we see on the internet every day definitely are a big attraction to most parents.

It is a reason we try most things with our babies, and not all of them work because videos never reveal the complete reality of an event.

Instead, they are merely shown to invoke laughter. 

The process of removing snot only looks effortless on screen, and it is not as easy, don’t even give it a try. 

Saline water is definitely effective for removing mucus, but it’s not a great idea to shoot large amounts up to your baby’s nose.

It might result in your baby screaming and kicking in pain. 

 Your baby might even get sick with pneumonia. If you are still convinced of the saline water method, consult a doctor and understand the correct procedure to do it. 

2. Baby-Friendly Saline Spray Helps

Saline sprays manufactured and perceived by popular baby-friendly brands are a great help when looking to clear out boogers of your baby’s nose. 

During the cold season, it helps the most saline immediately loosen mucus for your infant, toddler, or slightly grown child. 

Put a few drops in both the nostrils and let it sit for a few minutes and then go on to removing it with a snot sucker. 

The best thing about saline is you can use it as frequently as you like because it’s not even medicine with side effects.

It’s just a simple solution you can even use every two hours. 

3. How to Get Rid of Dried Boogers?

Clearing out dried boogers off your baby’s nose can be challenging. Your baby having stubborn boogers is as serious as your baby having some kind of sickness.

Unfortunately, it is a concern with most parents struggling to understand the exact safe process to rid the baby of the boogers. 

Boogers are natural and won’t be much of a concern unless it’s so large that you are grossed out and almost scared it lives inside your baby’s nose. 

One of the effective ways to remove boogers is using soft wipes soaked in a saline solution that will loosen it. 


How to get Boogers out of Newborn Nose? There are various ways to get boogers out of your baby’s nose, as the article suggests.

Mothers must always be careful when going into removing boogers, even consult a doctor to check how rigid they are and what will work on them. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How Do I Get Hard Boogers Out of My Baby’s Nose? 

The correct way to do it is to squeeze drops of saline solution into each nostril to loosen the dried mucus.

Then, gently stick the tip of a bulb into a nostril. Then, very slowly, release it, and it will pull all the mucus. 

How Do You Get Boogers Out of Baby’s Nose Without A Bulb? 

It is not necessary to use a bulb. You can tilt your baby’s head and spray a couple of drops inside their nose.

Then, tilt the baby on the side and let the mucus drain. Wipe it gently with a soft tissue later. 

Can A Baby Suffocate from A Stuffy Nose? 

Unlike the nose of an adult, a baby’s nose is a sensitive one. If it’s pressed against an object such as a stuffed animal or parent’s arm, it can suffocate the child or cause him difficulty breathing. 

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