How to Make a Pack and Play More Comfortable
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How to Make a Pack and Play More Comfortable

Is your baby uncomfy, and you don’t know how to make a pack and play more comfortable? 

Pack & plays are now a necessity to most parents. And who doesn’t like them? They are the perfect combination of changing station, playard, and bassinet.

However, they can get a little bit uncomfortable for our little ones. 

So, are you looking for ways your baby can sleep more while relaxed in a pack and play? 

We have the right tips for you to use. Keep reading! 

How to Make a Pack and Play More Comfortable

It might be hard to believe it, but some packs and plays are not as comfortable as we all imagine. Maybe the pad that accompanies it is very rigid.

Perhaps the accessories around it do not provide a relaxing environment for the baby. 

Sometimes, it might not even be the play and pack itself. Maybe it is the overall environment where you place it. 

Whatever it is, we are here to help you get your baby the most comfortable pack & play. 

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1. Ensure there is free circulation of air and conducive temperatures 

Have you ever been in a stuffy room? It sucks, right?

The same applies to your baby. As such, the pack & play needs to be airy and with a conducive temperature for the baby. 

In fact, baby cribs have contributed to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Cribs can cause suffocation, leading to death. 

You have several options to ensure air flows freely.

First, consider getting a mesh crib. It allows the crib to maintain continuous air circulation, allowing your baby to breathe more comfortably.

You can also buy a crib with side openings. These allow for ventilation in the pack & play, allowing fresh air to circulate. 

Second, use a portable fan beside the play area or in the slumber pod. If air doesn’t circulate freely, it will create pockets of moisture.

2. Create a dark environment with a darknet

Brightness is one of the distractions in a pack and play. So in case you are outdoors, ensure you make the environment dark.

You can purchase a playpen darkening tent or a compact pack and play cover. 

What happens if you are indoors?

If you happen to be in the house, put curtains that create the ambiance for the baby to sleep by shielding light from the windows. 

Having a lowly lit environment allows for your baby to sleep for long.

3. Remove any attachments from the pack and play

Many parents like the pack & play because it confines the baby. However, all the accessories on it can cause distractions. 

Your baby might not wander off, but these toys and musicals will keep the baby awake when you need them to sleep.

Unfortunately, apart from keeping your baby, they are also a choking hazard. 

If the sheets and blankets are not fitting, it is best that you replace them with a more fitting size or have none at all.

Avoid attaching pins to hold the sheets as they can cause injuries. Any oversize beddings can cause suffocation. 

4. Get a crib mattress with a topper

Do you have a dark environment? Does it have conducive temperatures? Also, have you cleared all the accessories, and your baby still cannot sleep?

Consider replacing the mattress. 

Some mattresses that come with the crib are extra rigid, making them quite uncomfortable for your little one.

Get a soft crib mattress with pads made of non-allergic material to ensure zero irritants to your baby.

A waterproof one will also keep your baby’s environment dry, even if there is spillage of liquids or diaper leaks. 

You can add muslin-made breathable blankets for more comfort. Pack and play sheets are also great at holding the pads tightly together.


Nothing feels great than the comfort of a child on their daddy’s or mommy’s chest.

Use the above tips on how to make a pack and play more comfortable, and your baby will have such an environment for relaxing and sleeping.

Start by getting a play and pack with mesh or side openings.

If you already have a pack and play, consider placing it in a dark lit area and removing any items that may cause distractions. 

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