How To Prevent Diaper Blowouts

How To Prevent Diaper Blowouts Up The Back – 3 Guaranteed Ways

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As parents, you know that our children will poop and pee, and you hope that they will stay confined in a diaper.

You might think/hope/dream that if you put a booty wrapper on our baby’s bum, it will magically capture everything.

However, the diaper’s quality is quite essential. 

Still, the best way to keep numbers 1 and 2 contained is to use your booty-wrapping abilities.

You can’t just put any band-aid on any booboo, either.

Prepare yourself! To get the answer to how to prevent diaper blowouts, and how to prevent diaper blowouts up the back read out this article. 

How to Prevent Diaper Blowouts Up The Back?

If you’re a new parent, you’ll have lots of memorable experiences ahead of you. Unfortunately, blowout diapers aren’t one of them.

You’ll quickly understand, though, that these are unavoidable aspects of being a parent.

If your child has just had a major meltdown – one so severe you don’t know where to begin – use these methods to keep the mess contained while cleaning it up.

Newborns poop more frequently than newborns who are a few months old.

Nothing compares to picking up your darling, loving newborn and discovering a massive diaper blowout.

They were strewn about, their clothes and whatever they were laying on strewn about.

As a parent, you’ve probably experienced a diaper blowout, regardless of the sort of diapers you use.

Diaper blowout occurs when a baby’s excrement erupts or seeps through the back, legs, or front of the diaper.

It may look as simple as a small feces leak, or it can be a full-fledged calamity that starts from the back and extends to the neck.

1. Select the Best Diaper Brand for Your Child

Does it seem like every other poop is a diaper blowout that starts at the rear of the diaper?

Even with other well-known big-name diaper companies, this is a typical occurrence. 

Diapers usually fit the infant differently around the waist and legs, depending on the brand.

As a result, it’s wise to sample a few different brands before making a final decision.

Good fitting diapers reduce diaper blowouts. In addition, a diaper that fits the infant well will exhibit some of the following characteristics.

  • The back elastic is snug.
  • Coverage is adequate.
  • The elastics on the thighs are comfortable to wear.
  • The waist snap buttons close appropriately towards the middle (not on the sides of the baby).

2. Diaper Size Should Be Increased by One Size

A diaper that is too tiny doesn’t have enough absorbency and can’t hold enough poop or urine as your baby develops—the diaper leaks from the legs or the back due to this.

Select a diaper size that corresponds to your baby’s weight. 

For the first two to three weeks, use Pampers size on newborns. Your baby will grow into a diaper size one once it has gained weight.

If your baby has more wet diapers and their importance is still outside the range, you may want to go up a size.

Keep an eye on your baby’s fit to determine when it’s time to graduate to the next dimension of the diaper.

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3. Always Have A Diaper Bag on Hand

Even if you cover all the bases, you won’t prevent all diaper blowouts, but you can be prepared.

The good news is that you will have everything you need at home if you have a blowout.

However, diaper blowouts can ruin the baby’s clothes, your clothes, and even the car seat if you’re out and about or traveling by vehicle or airline. 

Therefore, a well-stocked diaper bag with spare clothes, wipes, a few extra diapers, and a wet and dry bag is beneficial.

The leak and odor-proof damp and dry bags confine the mess and foul odor.


You now know the answer to the question, how to prevent diaper blowouts & how to prevent diaper blowouts up the back.

That’s it; the most straightforward approach to avoid a diaper blowout is to change the diaper before every car travel, be aware of the diaper’s size, and change a messy diaper as soon as possible.

Babies are entirely dependent on their parents, and parenting is a learning experience.

With these helpful hints, you can be confident that you’ll be a pro at changing diapers and avoiding diaper explosions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The blowouts in my infant seem to be frequent. Why is that?

It is more challenging to make a seal in the back of the diaper, where blowouts are most likely to occur.

Blowouts frequently happen because of incorrect diapers or diapers that aren’t correctly snug on the baby.

Also, when changing a wiggly baby, getting a decent diaper fit might be tricky!

Is it true that blowouts indicate that the diaper is too small?

When your child is continually leaking through diapers or having “blowouts,” this is one of the most evident indicators of a too-small diaper.

While it’s natural for parents to assume that the problem is with their children, this isn’t always the case. Scale-up if necessary, to resolve the problem.

What causes a blowout in a diaper?

Insufficiently fastened diapers will cause blowouts.

Ideally, one finger should be able to pass through the gap between the diaper and the baby’s waist, and one finger should be able to slip through the gap between the baby’s legs and the diaper cuff.

Diaper cuffs can also cause blowouts in infant diapers.

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