Signs Mother-In-Law is Trying to Take Over Your Child

Signs Mother-In-Law is Trying to Take Over Your Child

Looking for signs mother-in-law is trying to take over your child?

Well, you’re in the right place as, in this article, I’ve jotted down a few signs indicating the same.

 It’s good to analyze the situation beforehand to prevent your relationships from getting worse.

So let’s see how you can come to know that your mother-in-law is trying to take over your kid.

Signs Mother-In-Law Is Trying to Take Over Your Child

It is important to identify such signs in the beginning so that you can try to improve your relations.

For example, here are a few signs mother-in-law is trying to take over your child.

One way by which your mother-in-law can affect your relationship with the child is to disturb your routine.

She will come to visit you at any time of the day and try to trouble your relations.

Mothers-in-law have a habit of turning a dear to their daughters-in-law. So she may try to poke you to indulge in a fight.

This may leave a bad impression on your kid, which will make him side with his grandmother.

Isn’t it infuriating when someone ignores you completely?

It may be possible that your mother-in-law pairs up with her son and provoke him against you.

In the future, it may be possible for your kid becomes a part of the team. Your mother-in-law may try to create a scene during a party.

For example, she may try to humiliate you or let you down during such occasions in front of your own kid. 

When making significant decisions about your kid’s life, she may try to interfere also.

So, it is better if you identify these signs and control the situation while it’s still premature.

1. Showing Up Unannounced

Your mother-in-law will try to ruin your routine by showing up unannounced.

She may disturb you over breakfasts and try to undermine you. She will try to come at the time that you’re not suited to. 

You may feel disgusting that you can’t spend some time with your husband also. She will try to create differences between your family. 

She will interfere in your private matters.

Showing up announced at private events and creating a scene during parties are also signs that your mother-in-law is trying to invade your life.

Trying to disturb your child’s schedule could also be a sign that she’s about to ruin your relationship.

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2. Undermining Your Authority

How to find signs mother-in-law is trying to take over your child

In most situations, mother-in-law tries to overtake you over every decision. For example, she may say that she makes better food than you. 

She will try to control your child’s life making every decision for him. This situation may cause a barrier between you and your child.

Your kid may start favoring his grandmother instead of you.

Your child may learn from her behavior and start fighting with you. She will direct him to follow her decisions. 

Your kids learn from what is happening around them. So when you feel this kind of situation, just indulge her in some project.

3. Manipulative And Dominating

One of the signs that your mother-in-law is trying to undermine you is by becoming emotionally manipulative.

Her emotional blackmail drama may melt your sun into picking a fight with you.

You may feel compelled to contradict the manipulation. But, unfortunately, you’re in no such situation.

Instead, they may resort to changing the life decisions of your kid.

If you find yourself in the middle of this situation, just confront her about it. Ask her straightforward to stop all these innocent acts. 

Find ways to stop her from poking into your relationships. For example, stop discussing private matters in front of her. 


When you realize the signs, mother-in-law is trying to take over your child, immediately confront her about it. 

Tell her to stay out of your family matters. Have small talks with her about repairing your relationship.

Keep your kid out of it as much as possible. Prevent him from becoming a harsh person.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Know If Your Mother-In-Law Is Jealous of You?

Well, that’s easy! They may manipulate your husband by saying that she is better than you.

Sometimes she may put you in a situation where you’ll have to choose between your husband and kid.

Who Is a Controlling Mother-In-Law?

If your mother-in-law tries to interfere in your family matters, then, yes, she is a controlling mother.

They bring toxicity to your existing relationships by becoming judgemental and controlling.

Replacing your authority in the house could be another act to become controlling.

How Do You Politely Tell a Mother-In-Law to Back Off?

If you are starting noticing these signs at the beginning itself, you’re lucky enough.

You can sit down and have a discussion with her about this. Gently tell her not to interfere in any matter as the matter includes your family only. 

Inform her that her opinion would be appreciated in the required matters.

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