The Guide for a Portable Baby Monitor – Is It Worth It?

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Traveling with a baby or toddler is often a challenge, especially when you’re also juggling older kids, baggage, and perhaps even the family pet. If your family is planning a road trip and staying in a motel or two, this adds to the number of circumstances in which your child will need to be observed.

Mum doesn’t have eyes in the back of her head, even though the kids don’t realize it, and sometimes that’s what it takes to keep track of everyone! When you’re traveling, staying in a hotel, or even camping, a portable baby monitor is a great way to keep an additional set of eyes on your kid.

What is the purpose of a baby monitor?

A baby monitor is a gadget that allows you to hear or see your child in another room. It means you can see or hear your baby anytime she wakes up or screams, no matter where you are in the house, and with some newer applications, even from afar! They’re fantastic at putting parents’ minds at ease.

For the nursery, most current models include a base station transmitter with a mic and camera, as well as a portable speaker that you can carry about with you.

What to Look for in a Travel Baby Monitor

Although many portable baby monitors are similar, some are designed specifically for car travel, while others are versatile enough to be used in various situations. Let’s have a look at the characteristics that create the finest portable baby monitors for your next adventure.


It’s convenient to be able to change the audio on the best baby monitor for travel. For example, if you’re using your monitor in the vehicle, you might not need the audio switched on. If your baby is isolated from the rest of the family in a hotel or when camping, the volume should be cranked up so that you can hear any screams for feeding or change.

It’s also a good idea to have a baby monitor with two-way audio so your kid can hear your voice even if you’re not in the room. Some of the more sophisticated versions can even play white noise or lullabies.


We propose a distance between the parent and infant units of at least 800-1000 feet. Even if you’re traveling by limousine, baby monitors for automobiles don’t need to stretch as far. Long-range baby monitors, on the other hand, are a must if you intend on strolling around your campground during your baby’s nap time or staying at a hotel or relative’s house. Of course, if you want to use your travel baby monitor at home as well, it’s a bonus.

Video High Definition

Children’s baby monitors have gone a long way since they were newborns. Parents may now keep a constant watch on their infants (for better or worse!). Choose a video travel baby monitor with good enough visual quality to put your concerns to rest while you and your little one are apart. However, remember that the larger, sharper, and brighter the screen is, the faster it will drain the battery.

To preserve battery life while you’re not near a charging unit, we recommend monitoring the screen only once in a while. Much better, audio-only baby monitors will last even longer and are far more portable. You don’t have to worry about crib mounts or finding a suitable shelf because you can place them wherever in the baby’s room.


A portable baby monitor with cables dangling in all directions is unrealistic and inconvenient for everyone and will only annoy you. Nobody wants to be stressed out when traveling, primarily when they’re meant to be relaxing! When you’re not using it, your monitor should be compact enough to fit easily into a suitcase or diaper bag. You also want it to function for several hours without a power outlet.


When it comes to picking the finest baby monitors for travel, less is more. Although it may be tempting to pick a video monitor that can link to the internet or via a smartphone app, this is not a realistic option if you want to use it while camping.

Many mobile phones have limited or no coverage in rural regions, and you don’t want to arrive at your campground to discover that your baby monitor isn’t working. We also don’t advocate connecting your monitor to a hotel or modern campground wi-fi since the connection can be hijacked.

We purposefully did not include any wi-fi baby monitors in our evaluation to emphasize the convenience of use – the last thing you need while putting up a tent is instruction manuals!


Baby monitors are no longer simply for listening; many now have additional features that provide excellent value for money. Some include a selection of relaxing lullabies or noises, while others have nightlights. These might become an essential part of your baby’s bedtime ritual and provide comfort while you’re not at home. Lullabies or nightlights may often be triggered remotely from the parent unit, allowing you to avoid disturbing your baby by visiting the nursery.

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