When Can Toddlers Jump
Baby Toddler Development

When Can Toddlers Jump

As soon as your toddler has mastered walking, more advanced gross motor skills will soon follow, such as running, jumping, kicking, and climbing.

Read these tips to encourage your toddler to reach these milestones.

For example, to know when can toddlers jump, start with this article. 

When Can Toddlers Jump?

A toddler’s ability to walk is one notable milestone, but many others — including the ability to climb stairs and jump — are also noteworthy.

Your child is getting stronger and more coordinated, thanks to these breakthroughs.

Have you ever heard a toddler claim they ‘jumped’ without their feet leaving the ground? 

You might be a parent of one or know one who has.

That phrase might be fresh in your mind, and you might remember thinking, “How hard can it be?”

You’d be surprised to know that toddlers don’t learn that trick right away. So how do toddlers learn to jump? Practice makes perfect.

Toddlers can typically jump between the ages of 2 and 3.

Once they can walk, one foot will be lifted at a time, therefore teaching them how to balance without having both feet planted.

When a baby learns to walk, they begin to test their balance, eventually jumping from the ground to a low surface, then jumping from standing, which is more complicated. 

In general, toddlers can jump from standing by the age of 26 months, but your leapfrog may be able to jump by 21 months.

If they are not interested in this vital motor skill, you can encourage them to learn it with simple tips.

Reasons Why Jumping Is Important:

  • Two feet leave the ground at the same time for the first time. Dynamic balance is used first, where they do several jumps consecutively before learning to jump and stop.
  • Your legs must work together as a unit when you jump. Children need to bend their knees and use their thighs and bottoms to push off their toes.
  • Leg bones become more robust and more complex when pressure is exerted downward on them.
  • Jumping requires continuous planning on the part of the athlete. You must learn concepts such as judging distance, planning how much power you need to jump and land, knowing where to jump (up, over, forward), and knowing how to land and stop safely.
  • Children’s physical education often includes lots of jumping. 

Jumping Can Be Encouraged In These Ways:

  • Your toddler’s legs will be strengthened by walking on their toes and squatting to play.
  • While they squat, pick them up with two hands and help them jump.
  • Make sure there are soft surfaces on which to jump – mattresses, trampolines (which allow the push-off).
  • Blow bubbles on the ground and jump on them.
  • Overcome the tape on the floor by jumping over it.
  • Jump into the fray.
  • Sometimes it’s easier to jump off a step.
  • Frogs jump.
  • Continually jump between the circles.
  • Jump over the hoops by taping them together.
  • Broomsticks and hurdles can be used to make hurdles.
  • Jump over the noodles of the pool.
  • Step on the footprints with two feet.

If Your Child Has Difficulty Jumping, You May See The Following Signs:

A child should start jumping around the age of 2 and then take off from there (usually starting with a one-foot jump and then gradually lifting both feet off the ground).

During the second and third years of a child’s life, she can get more air by hopping, jumping down from small heights, and jumping to land on her own two feet.

  • By 2.5-3 years of age, the child is not jumping.
  • Attempts to jump are not successful.
  • Has a fear of jumping off a cliff.
  • The jumper only jumps one side at a time.
  • Having difficulty stopping and jumping.
  • Three to four times afraid of jumping across heights.
  • During a jump attempt, they fall over.


Here you have the answer to the question, when can toddlers jump? The age of two to three is when a child can begin to jump in place.

Over time, she will leap higher and farther, starting barely off the ground.

Landing on her feet requires agility and balance, and getting into the air takes considerable muscle power.

Ensure you have a safe, soft surface (such as carpeting or a yoga mat) to do your yoga exercises. Water is another unusual place to practice your yoga skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At two years old, what is the maximum number a child should count?

A child who is two years old knows how to count to two (“one, two”). As soon as he counts to three, he’s probably reciting from memory.

If, however, he can count up to ten, he is probably memorizing.

A child of this age does not yet really understand the quantities they are naming and cannot identify them.

How old does a child need to be to jump with both feet?

Half of the children can jump off the ground with both feet by the age of 24 months, and this number increases to 75% by 27 months of age.

When jumping, the legs become more robust, and the balance improves.

Is it okay for toddlers to jump?

Due to the toddler’s softer bones and greater susceptibility to fractures, jumping can result in potentially severe injuries without appropriate safety measures.

That’s why you should never let a toddler jump unsupervised or on a trampoline intended for older kids.

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