When Do Babies Eyebrows Come In
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When Do Babies Eyebrows Come In

Once you realize you are pregnant, you perhaps like examining the improvement and growth of your developing baby.

Every week, you observe a new growth and development in your baby, which extends your life. 

If you are waiting for the growth of eyebrows, then this article would help you to know when do babies eyebrows come in and how much time does it take? 

When Do Babies Eyebrows Come In?

While counting your pregnancy week around 20 weeks. The hair follicles of your baby will sprout.

After 22 weeks, your baby’s eyebrows hair will develop. But at your baby’s birth, it may be visible depending on hair color and ancestral factors.

By completing 3-4 month’s old. You will find that hair starts thicker and the hair texture in your little ones.

You can also find your baby starting to show interest, joy, and anguish through your baby’s facial expressions, which makes you understand what your baby wants.

Your baby’s hair doesn’t need to be the same as at birth because the color of your baby’s hair will change by the time as a or an adult. 

When your baby gets older, a transcription turns and decides gene will change or not.

So, when your baby’s growing up, it could become darker. Rest you will need to make sure that your baby has eyebrows at birth and gets older.

At the time your baby is born, if you find your baby has very light hair. There is no worry. It would take some time to show while your baby is growing.

1. How You Can Develop Your New One’s Eyebrows

As we know that baby’s oil massage is one of the home remedies which helps in the strong development of the children:

  • Perhaps castor oil is one of the oldest and common ways to naturally and effectively develop eyebrows.
  • Olive oil is also one of the famous ways to grow eyebrows naturally.
  • Coconut oil is a different way to get thicker or darker eyebrows.
  • Onion oil contains vitamin B and C, which are very good for hair thickening. It gives strengthens hair follicles. You can apply it to your baby’s eyes to develop it.

With the help of these remedies, you can find that eyebrows are developing.

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2. Do Babies Eyebrows Color Change

  • As your baby grownups, the color of eyebrows and the thickness guaranteed will change and become more visible, making the baby more beautiful.
  • When your child develops, their hair will likely change severally. Some baby’s eyebrows are born with light hair, which gets darkened by age.
  • So, you don’t need to wonder if your baby’s eyebrows switch into color. And if we talk about hair, it changes during a lifetime which is a very common thing in every child and an adult.
  • When your baby gets two year’s older, then the available shade will be stable. 

3. Why My Baby’s Eyebrows Are Red

  • Red eyebrows are usually found in newborns. It can be a hint of sleepiness.
  • Suppose your baby’s eye area is reddened, which covers eyebrows also. So, it can be a sign that will help you know that your baby is getting tired.
  • Because some babies don’t show signs of sleep, therefore, at that time, if your baby’s eyebrows get redden, it would be a sign of sleepiness.
  • It will make you a bit easier to understand.


We hope this article will help you to know when do babies’ eyebrows come in.

It is always recommended to use home remedies instead of products oil because it might be very harmful to your baby and affect your baby’s skin.

If you find no eyebrows of your child after birth, there is no need no worry about it because it develops naturally.

For further development, it depends on genetic factors.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Babies Come Out With Eyebrows?

It seems you have the curiosity to know about some new things when your baby grownups around 20 weeks; at that time, your baby’s hair starts to sprout, and the hair follicles on the eyebrows, upper lip, and chin. And after 22 weeks, the hair would also be visible. 

It may be possible that at the time of birth, it might not be visible because at that time, the baby’s eyebrows are very light in color so, when your baby gets older, it might be visible at that time.

How Do Kids Grow Eyebrows?

Here we can use some home remedies that help grow eyebrows naturally and effectively with the help of Castrol oil, coconut oil, and olive oil.

After using this remedy, you will see that your baby’s eyebrows color gets thicker and darken.

When Do Baby Eyelashes Develop?

After 21 weeks of pregnancy, some hair starts to develop on the eyes of the baby. These are very different from the body hair and help to protect him.


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