4 Amazing Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Why do we learn foreign languages? As a rule, with a specific goal: to pass an exam or pass an interview. Have you thought about the fact that even after achieving it, it is worth continuing your education: to improve the level of English or to learn German from scratch via Skype. For what? There are a number of reasons for this.

1. Learning a new language develops the ability to multitask

One who speaks several languages can more easily switch between different types of tasks and easily prioritize, ignoring distractions. Such a person quickly adapts to any circumstances, as he is psychologically more flexible. These conclusions were made by psycholinguists, having conducted a series of experiments with bilinguals and monolinguals.

How is this possible?

Think back to your 1st steps in language learning. At first, it took a lot of time to build a phrase in their native language, mentally translate it into a foreign language and pronounce it. Then you stopped noticing those stages. You began to “think” in the language you are studying, easily switching from one to another. At the same time, your mind is still constantly deciding which language to use, which grammatical structure to use. It just happens a lot faster. This is how the ability to multitask develops, which is transferred to other areas of activity.

2. Learning languages is the key to self-development

To be successful, you need to constantly develop and improve: make efforts, get out of your comfort zone, learn something new and not be afraid to make mistakes.

The easiest way to maintain a craving for new things is to study foreign languages. For example, when you start learning the Polish language.

Learning the Polish language offers a plethora of unique and rewarding benefits. Firstly, delving into the intricacies of Polish enhances cognitive abilities and mental agility. The language’s complex grammar and rich vocabulary stimulate the brain, promoting improved memory retention, problem-solving skills, and linguistic flexibility.

As learners master Polish pronunciation and intonation, they become more attuned to the nuances of communication, fostering effective cross-cultural interactions. Moreover, delving into Polish culture through language learning offers a profound appreciation for Poland’s rich heritage, literature, and traditions. This cultural understanding nurtures empathy and a broader worldview, encouraging learners to embrace diversity and respect different perspectives.

Secondly, learning Polish opens doors to a vibrant and dynamic community. Poland boasts a thriving cultural scene, ranging from traditional festivals to modern artistic expressions, and connecting with native Polish speakers allows learners to immerse themselves in this enriching environment. Proficiency in Polish fosters meaningful relationships with Polish friends and colleagues, allowing for more profound personal and professional connections. Additionally, the demand for Polish language skills is increasing in the global job market.

As Poland continues to play a significant role in various industries, bilingual individuals have a competitive advantage in job opportunities and business relations with the country. Overall, mastering the Polish language not only enriches one’s mind and cultural understanding but also presents a gateway to a world of diverse experiences and opportunities.

With the help of a Polish tutor on the LiveXP platform, you get to know a different culture, with the linguistic mentality of the Poles, and constantly apply fresh knowledge in practice. But also, by choosing methods of training, you will learn more about your strengths and ways of thinking, which means you get the keys to effective self-education in other areas.

3. Foreign languages open up new possibilities

Language proficiency is a great resume bonus, even if you do not plan to change jobs, enter a foreign university or emigrate.

In this regard, English is just a must-have, because Anglicisms are used everywhere: sales cycle, lead, report. Knowing the language, you will never get confused about their meaning and will not find yourself in a comic situation. And if you are planning to make a career, pay attention: most of the high-quality educational programs, trainings, master classes are available mainly in English.

Are you planning to move to another country? Drop the illusion that in a language environment you will quickly learn a foreign language. In fact, there will have to solve many problems, face misunderstanding and even the difficulty of finding interlocutors. So the sooner you get started, the better.

And classes via online platforms like LiveXP will give you another advantage: you can continue your lessons even after moving, gradually settling in another country.

4. With knowledge of a foreign language, travel is more multifaceted, and impressions are brighter

Traveling is about communicating with people with a different mentality and culture, and not about bus tours with a guide and compatriots. Owning a foreign language at least at the A1 level, you will not be tied to tour operators. You can rent a car, visit those restaurants where locals go. You will discover more picturesque places, about which there is a minimum of information in guidebooks. As a result, from each trip you will bring much more impressions and stories than friends who bought an “All inclusive” ticket.

And learning languages is the best investment of time. Do not waste it in vain, but sign up for a trial lesson on LiveXP.

Features of online learning and a trial lesson

Distance language learning differs from face-to-face learning in that it requires more motivation and dedication. The result depends on how much the student wants to get what he starts classes for – a new job, moving to another country, reading Balzac in the original. In the classroom, looking at fellow students and following their progress, you involuntarily pull yourself up and continue to burn with enthusiasm.

When you study at home, all this may not be enough. There is always a great temptation to succumb to fatigue and cancel the session. Is this format right for you? It’s hard to know until you try it yourself. That is why we recommend taking the first trial lesson with a tutor from LiveXP absolutely free.

Taking into account all of the above, we can conclude that the knowledge of foreign languages is our passport to a world full of exciting places, interesting people, new culture and lifestyle. Learning languages is essential if you want to explore the world and develop your personality. Good language skills are the key to a successful career.

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