Ways To Empower Your Child To Overcome Bullying
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5 Ways To Empower Your Child To Overcome Bullying

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Has your little angel been a victim of bullying and you are looking on the ways to empower your child to overcome bullying? 

Bullying is one of the greatest concerns that most parents have once they send their children to school.

Especially for a parent who has experienced bullying firsthand, the familiar feelings of fear and anxiety would come back—and no parent would put their kids in harm’s way. 

Furthermore, bullying also brings numerous effects that can be life-changing.

It can also influence your child’s growth and development—either positively or negatively.

Thankfully, schools and institutions are now more equipped to handle issues of bullying in schools and even playgrounds. 

Nevertheless, it’s still recommended to prepare your kids for any bullying situations that they may likely face in the future.

There are several ways to help your child develop skills to stand up or avoid bullies. Here are 5 proven strategies. 

Ways To Empower Your Child To Overcome Bullying

1. Model Respectful Behavior And Relationships To Your Child 

First and foremost, a parent should avoid raising a bully.

It’s common for some parents to use their power or physical violence whenever they try to discipline their kids.

Unfortunately, physically disciplining or punishing a child will only show them that physical violence is the proper way to get their way. 

As a result, children can develop aggressive behavior and release their anger on other kids—becoming what we know as a bully.

At the same time, if a parent constantly loses temper or uses insulting and cursing words to other people, it can also demonstrate to a child that it’s okay to disrespect others. 

Thus, as parents, teach your child about developing respectful behavior towards the people around them.

Even if things don’t go your way, ensure that you still respect other people. Moreover, there’s no need to use physical violence in disciplining or punishing them.

The most practical way to keep your kids from becoming bullies and being bullied is to let them grow in a respectful and loving home.  

2. Teach Your Child About Respectful Self-Assertion 

Bullies love to prey on lonely or vulnerable kids, thinking they are too weak to tell anyone or even confront them on the spot.

Thus, it’s essential to teach your kids how to be assertive in a respectful way.

Being assertive can be an effective counter-bullying method whenever someone is mean to them. T

his tactic aims to teach your child how to communicate assertively without triggering more tension, which could lead to further bullying.  

Some responses you can teach your child about self-assertion may include: 

  • Back off 
  • Stop that 
  • That wasn’t nice 
  • Don’t call me that. Call me by my name. 
  • It’s my turn now 

You can also try teaching your kids about walking away when necessary. A simple ‘yeah, whatever’ before walking off can effectively disregard bullies without aggravating them. 

3. Stay In Touch With Your Child Every Day 

As mentioned, bullies target kids who are afraid to open up about their situation.

Thus, parents need to maintain healthy and open communication with their children.

This way, your child knows that you’ll always be available to listen about their day in school.  

Moreover, your child will feel more comfortable opening up to you whenever they have problems involving their social circle.

The more you know what’s going on in your child’s life, the more you can protect them and guide them in overcoming difficult situations. 

4. Teach Them About Positive And Confident Body Language 

Aside from verbal comebacks, body language is also powerful enough to confront bullies.

You can teach your kids about simple tricks that will discourage bullies from attacking and targeting them.

For instance, maintaining firm eye contact when a bully confronts your child will make them appear more confident and braver, and in turn, intimidate the bully. 

Once a bully realizes that your child is unbothered and confident, they may be discouraged from attacking your child again.

Most bullies expect their victims to cry or get agitated but if they get the opposite response, they will eventually think twice and walk away.

5. Encourage Your Child To Intervene When They Witness Bullying 

In the movies, it’s often portrayed that when bullying occurs, plenty of students only act as bystanders and simply watch the whole thing instead of trying to intervene.

This type of portrayal can be a bad influence and teach your kids to ignore other victims.

Bullies feel more empowered and validated when the kids surrounding them are entertained whenever they bully someone. 

So, teach your kid how to control and intervene in these situations successfully. Here’s how your kids can stop a bully

  • Tell them to stand with the victim, turn him or her away from the bully and redirect them into the opposite direction where they can reach an adult. 
  • Have them ask for help from other kids, and together they can say ‘You’re mean’ and walk away. As much as possible, tell them to band in large groups to outnumber the bullies.

In extreme cases, tell your child not to hesitate to involve adults. Let your child know that their intervention can make a huge difference in the victim’s life and influence other kids to stand up for themselves.  


Let these ways to empower your child to overcome bullying guide you in keeping your little ones safe and healthy. 

Soon enough, your child will be braver and more confident in dealing with negative people in the future.

Your kids will learn how to stand up for themselves and even protect others from harm.

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