Baby Rolling Over in Sleep Face Down
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Baby Rolling Over in Sleep Face Down

Should you be concerned when you notice the baby rolling over in sleep face down?

Many parents might be worried about waking up in the middle of the night or, worse, awakening from muffled noises from the baby monitor only to see the baby rolling right the way into their belly, even after putting their little ones to sleep on their back.

The night is one of the most vulnerable times parents must be vigilant of their toddlers, especially their sleeping positions.

It’s a no-brainer that parents should prioritize putting babies to sleep on their backs. But what if suddenly, the baby starts rolling over in sleep face down?

This is alarming not only to your little angel but also to you.

Therefore, we have inquired from top child practitioners and prepared the following detailed information.

Baby Rolling Over in Sleep Face Down- Possible Reason

Babies grow up fast in the first two years. This is the time they discover that they can have control over their body movement.

As soon as babies gain strength on their core, shoulders, and neck, they begin rolling. This usually happens between the fourth and sixth months for most babies. 

And as you might expect, this significant milestone might start when your baby is sleeping.

Your baby’s crib gives the ideal space to polish the newly learned skill. Or they might be trying to get comfortable.

That’s why it’s best to change your little one’s sleeping practices and be more vigilant as soon as you notice this change. 

Don’t get it wrong that your infant learning to roll is dangerous.

It’s a significant milestone and, in fact, the pathway to learning how to crawl, sit and ultimately walk. Still, this breakthrough can bring about new risks you should be knowledgeable about.

1. Risks of Baby Rolling Over in Sleep

As we have mentioned, all parents must prioritize putting babies asleep on their backs.

First and foremost, it minimizes the risks of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

According to research, babies between 1-4 months are more susceptible to SIDS. 

That aside, if a baby starts rolling over in their sleep, they might find themselves in a position they cannot get out of.

Therefore if a baby moves in their sleep into a face-down position and fails to reverse back, he/she might be at risk for SIDS due to suffocation.

On the bright side, there are numerous steps parents can take to minimize the risk of SIDS due to the baby rolling over in sleep face down. 

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2. What to Do When Baby Rolling Over in Sleep Face Down

First and foremost, if your little angel starts rolling, it’s best to stop swaddling them.

Swaddling makes moving difficult by restricting your infant’s ability to use their arms to get to another position and, in this case, reversing to the back position.

As an alternative, you might consider using a sleeping sack with open arms.

Not swaddling your baby once they start rolling may be an excellent option, but still, employing the following additional strategies will ensure your baby is out of harm:

  • Laying your baby on the back with one of the arms extended. This way, they will less likely flip totally into a face-down position.
  • The baby’s crib or bed is free of any loose objects, sleeping aids, beddings, and decorations, especially crib bumpers.
  • Also, you can keep the baby’s crib close to your room or bed. If they roll face down and fail to get back, you can flip them around. However, do not share the same bed with your baby.
  • You might consider a breathable crib mattress without any fill of any kind.

All in all, always expect your baby to sleep face down at one time in their development phase.

And if they are past the SIDS stage, there should be no cause for alarm. 

Eventually, they will learn to settle back down in a comfortable position. But, more importantly, always talk to a pediatrician when your little one’s sleep habits change. 

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