5 Fun Things To Put In Balloons
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5 Fun Things To Put In Balloons – Practical & Simple!

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Looking for Fun Things To Put In Balloons?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see a balloon?

If you’re like most people, those floating pops of color signify joy and can brighten up the dullest of days.

However, when was the last time that you played with one?

Whether you are at home relaxing by the pool and looking for some fun inflatables or taking a trip to the ocean for a quick surfing expedition, balloons, inflatables and water slides are just a few things to have at your disposal. 

Here are some fun things to put in balloons that can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

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5 Fun Things To Put In Balloons

Balloons are very versatile and can be used in several different ways by people of all ages.

You always need to remember when playing with them is that you should keep a close eye on the children.

They may want to swallow bits of the balloon or what was inside once it pops.

You should also make sure that you’re with children who aren’t scared of loud noises, like the balloon popping.

They are also quite flexible, which means you can put a lot of things inside, including:

1. Water

Who doesn’t love a good water fight on a hot sunny day?

Balloons can hold a surprisingly large amount of water, meaning you’ll get to drench your opponent while having lots of fun thoroughly.

2. Beans

Instead of a traditional bean bag, why not use a balloon instead?

Your child will enjoy playing with it and popping it once done.

Apart from just beans, you can substitute with rice, beads, or marbles.

3. Play-Doh

As children are growing up, they need a lot of sensory play to make sense of their world.

The good thing about Play-Doh in balloons is that it is still malleable, not messy, and they can get as hands-on as they want.

4. Letters and words

Learning about new words and letters can sometimes be a bit boring to children who are not used to sitting still for long.

So why not use balloons to make a game out of it?

Just put the letters and words inside the balloons, set them free, and let the children pop whichever ones they catch.

It can also work with numbers, as well, and applies to children of all ages.

You can then help them make sense of whatever comes out of the balloon, and they are unlikely never to forget the lesson.

5. Gifts

Tired of the same old gift box idea? Well, why not try something a little different with balloons?

Whether it’s your child’s birthday or someone else’s in the family, you can put a small gift inside the balloon.

You can also let it float toward them when possible so that they can pop in and get the gift inside.

Most balloons are translucent, so they may be able to see a little of what’s inside, but the excitement of receiving something in such a different way will still be there.

Balloons may not seem like much, but they are a great way to keep your children engaged while having fun.

With just a funnel and some creativity, all these fun things to put in balloons can be all the entertainment you need.

Just make sure to involve your child and turn this into a great bonding experience between you two.

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