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My Granddaughter Doesn’t Like Me! 3 Ways To Rekindle Warmth

My Granddaughter Doesn’t Like Me! Being a grandparent can be a fantastic experience.

It is your chance to enjoy having a young child around without worrying about the day-to-day raising of them.

Also, you are now able to spoil your granddaughter, and they will love you for it.

However, you may see behaviors that can have you wondering why does my granddaughter not like me…

Here’s why that could be happening and what you can do to change the relationship you have with your granddaughter. 

How to know that my granddaughter doesn’t like me

How to know that my granddaughter doesn't like me

Children do not like everyone, even their grandparents.

You are not the only one wondering why do my grandchildren ignore me?

One way that you can know that your granddaughter doesn’t like you is when they refuse to spend time with you.

If they are young, they’ll start crying in your presence.

As they get older, they’ll be able to say no when asked to be around you verbally.

Your granddaughter may also not want to touch you and vice versa.

Another way you can know that they don’t like you is when they barely speak to you or when you’re around, even if they have an outgoing personality. 

Reasons why my granddaughter doesn’t like me

Reasons why my granddaughter doesn't like me

If you suspect that your granddaughter doesn’t like you, some of the triggers causing this malicious behavior include:

1. Loyalty

If you don’t have a good relationship with your children, your granddaughter may feel the need to side with their parents.

It mostly happens when they hear their parents talking about something terrible that you did to them, even when it’s just an off-hand comment.

They may take it seriously and decide not to like you to show loyalty to their parents.

2. Developmental basis

At six months old onwards, a child can differentiate between a stranger and someone they know.

If your granddaughter is not used to seeing you around, they may think you’re a stranger and have an adverse reaction to you. 

3. Smells and sounds

Strong smells are likely to trigger an adverse reaction with children.

Also, loud and shrill noises may scare your granddaughter and cause them not to like you.

What to do when my granddaughter doesn’t like me

What to do when my granddaughter doesn't like me

Once you know why your granddaughter may not like you, it is easy to rectify any mistake you may have made.

You can ask your children not to talk badly about you in front of your granddaughter so that you have the chance to make a good impression. 

You can also make time to spend with them and find out their favorite things so that it is enjoyable.

The main thing that you need to remember is that building relationships takes time, so be patient.

Bonding with a new grandchild is the dream of any grandparent.

However, this doesn’t always happen automatically, and like many other grandparents, you may keep asking why my granddaughter doesn’t like me.

This article explores why this could be happening and gives you practical solutions that you can use to get the right relationship with your granddaughter.

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