How To Convince Husband To Have A Baby

How To Convince Husband To Have A Baby? 5 Smart Tips

Even the thought of discussing having children with their partner might make some men uncomfortable. They worry that they might put pressure on their significant other or unexpectedly surprise them with a desire.

The decision to have a baby should have mutually consented. Are you also confused about how to convince husband to have a baby?

It isn’t that difficult, actually. This decision should be mutual, or you may end up with marital problems.

Let’s solve your problem and learn a few ways of convincing your husband.

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How to Convince Husband to Have a Baby?

Obviously, if a mother is ready to carry a baby in her womb for nine months, the husband’s approval will not be that troublesome.

Now, if you agree, let’s see how to convince the husband to have a baby. 

You obviously would’ve tried having the baby-related conversation with your husband.

Try remembering and noting down how he reacts to it. Does he like children?

To your knowledge, how good a father will he become? This will help you in convincing your husband more effectively.

If your husband had said before marriage that he never wants to have a baby, it doesn’t actually mean that he never will.

Try bringing up certain good facts about having your children. You can set aside a weekly time to have the baby-related conversation.

Don’t overpressure him. Give him some time to think it over once you’ve had the conversation. 

Knowing about the reasons for not having a baby is very important. Politely listen to his reasons first without any interruption.

This conversation is going to be extremely sensitive and emotional. Without being judgmental, make him realize how emotionally you’re invested in your marriage.

Tell him your reasons for wanting to have a baby. 

Keep reading to find out more ways on how to convince a husband to have a baby.

1. Inspire Him With Good Thoughts

To convince your husband to have children, you should inspire him with the thoughts of starting a family.

Prepare a wonderful dinner for him. Persuading him over dessert won’t do any harm. 

But give logic to every argument. If he’s worried about ‘time not being right’ or his changing jobs, listen peacefully.

Don’t sound to sound too demanding. Express your desire to have a child by your side and how exciting it can be. 

You can calm him down by convincing him how he would become a great dad. Trust me, I have tried this, and my husband got too inspired. 

2. Help Him Overcome His Fears

If your husband is second-guessing his decision to have a child, he is afraid of something. Examine his fears and find a way to shun his fears away.

He might feel that it’s not the right time to become parents. Or he’s having financial issues. 

Tell him that you understand him. When you willingly listen to his fears, he might feel unburdened.

Counter him by saying that a baby will help your bond. If he’s worried about finances, tell him about your savings.

Once he starts feeling relaxed, he will eventually accept the thought of having a baby.

3. Warming Him About Fun Activities With A Baby

Reminding your husband about his childhood may refresh his memories as a kid.

Remind him that he could enjoy fun activities with your child like fishing, baseball, etc. You could take your kid to a picnic, enjoy baking with him/her. 

The thought of enjoying such sports activities with his little one can rejuvenate him. Make him picture an image of him holding his first child. 

Even his childhood could remind him of his childish behavior. This will help him in accepting that he can be a great father too.

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In summation, how to convince your husband to have a baby while protecting your relationship simultaneously, has a few answers.

Follow the above-described ways on how to convince the husband to have a baby. 

A healthy discussion always tends to bring out both positives and negatives.

Just help your husband overcome his fears and let him know that you’re in this together.

After all, to be a happy family, you must cross every challenging barrier.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Long Do I Wait To Have The First Baby?

It depends whether both of you are baby-friendly or one you want to have a baby or not. But it turns out that, on average, couples wait till three years to get married. 

If both the parents are baby-friendly, then you may welcome your baby before three years of marriage.

It’s good to be clear when you want to have a baby before marriage itself to avoid future complications.

Will A Baby Ruin My Marriage?

Not at all! It is all based on the understanding level between the couple.

Researchers believe that kids usually strengthen the bond of their parents. But it has also been proved that unplanned pregnancy can hurt a marriage. 

Whether the rate of your relationship declines, or inclines depends on how well you handle your relationship.

Who Comes First – Husband Or Child?

Well, you should place your child before your husband. The reason being, your child is small and not mature.

Therefore, he/she needs you more than your husband does.


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