How To Teach A Child To Wipe Properly After Bowel Movement
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How To Teach A Child To Wipe Properly After Bowel Movement

How to teach a child to wipe properly after bowel movements is a crucial step as they come of age. 

As your kid starts growing, parents need to teach their kids a few good habits or everyday habits.

This includes how to wipe properly after a bowel movement. This seems an easy task, but when it comes to teaching, you need help.

In most households, grandparents are more expert in teaching their grandchildren these everyday tasks.

But if your parents are not around and your kid is ready to go to school, then you must take charge to teach.

Read this article to know how to teach a child to wipe properly after a bowel movement.

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How to Teach A Child to Wipe Properly After Bowel Movement

Most of the kids find wiping an unhygienic and scary task for their hands. If you wait for the appropriate age to teach them wiping, then you are doing it wrong.

They may never seem ready for tasks like this, but this is your responsibility as a parent or teacher, and you must know how to teach a child to wipe properly after Bowel Movement.

Even if you don’t know, just keep on following the below steps to teach your kids to wipe after a bowel movement.

  • You can start talking your child through the wiping process once they’re potty trained and comfortable having bowel movements on the toilet. As you do the steps, speak it aloud. For example, teach them when to tear the toilet paper, how to wrap it around through your hands, how to bring it down near the bum, how you pushed the sheet to clean the potty, and how you threw it inside the pot at last. Ensure that they need to use another clear tissue to check if the butt got cleaned.
  • The position of your child while wiping is not essential. They can do it while standing as well as in a sitting position. Let them be comfortable. In this way, they would learn quicker.
  • Don’t start it from scratch. On the first day, you can ask them to do the last step: take a fresh tissue and wipe it to see if the butt is clean. This way, they can start learning how to wipe without messing up.
  • Do not forget to keep the toilet paper within reach of your child. Because due to their short height, sometimes they do not reach the spot where the paper is hanged. So, while moving from the pot to get the toilet paper, they might mess up. So, keep a check on that. Generally, the school toilets have toilet paper hanged very close to the pot so that small children can get access to it. Thus, you just need to take care of it at your home.

How to Use Everyday Products to Teach Wiping?

If you think your kid is not yet big enough to get direct training at the toilet, then you can use several DIYs to teach them even in your drawing room.

It might sound weird, but yes, it is possible. Let’s see how.

For this, you would need a small chair for your kid to sit in, a few balloons, peanut butter or something similar, and toilet paper.

All you need to do is to make a model of your kid’s bum on the chair. To do this, blow two similar-sized balloons and stick them on the backside of the chair.

Next, pour some peanut butter between the balloons and make your kid sit on the chair, hand him over the toilet seat and direct him to use it.

For easier direction, you can make another model of bum for yourself as well. Then step by step, teach them how to clean the mess around the artificial bum.

Initially, you can simply pour the peanut butter on a plate and ask your kid to clean it up with toilet paper.

Slowly you can make it to the balloon technique, and when you see that your kid a capable enough to clean it without messing, you can start direct toilet training.


Now that you know how to teach a child to wipe properly after a bowel movement do not delay any further and teach them.

After they learn this, you can get relieved from practicing this daily for your kid. You won’t have to hurry every time your kid goes to the toilet.

Moreover, you would be proud when your kid’s teacher won’t call you, unlike other parents, to complain about them messing with their potty.

So be a proud parent and teach your kids and other parents about this.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clean A Toddler Poop?

To clean a toddler’s poop, wet a cotton pad, wipe, or something similar with lukewarm water of approximately 38-40°C.

Make sure not to change the diapers before the skin is completely dry.

At What Age Should A Child Start Wiping Themselves?

You can teach your child how to wipe at any age you want.

However, three years is considered the ideal age to teach a child how to wipe their butt after a bowel movement.

At What Age Should A Child Wash Themselves?

Wiping after pooping is easy, but bathing alone can be dangerous for kids. So, it’s better that you do not allow your kid to bathe alone for at least eight years.

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