How To Warm Bottles On The Go

How To Warm Bottles On The Go

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Most mothers spend their time searching for how to warm bottles on the go.

Apart from relieving your crying, hungry baby, nothing else matters for a caring mom.

Infants do not have patience at all; when they want food, they’ll keep crying. So, let’s learn to warm bottles for feeding your kid.

How To Warm Bottles On The Go

Feeding your baby breast milk is very important during the initial months. Keeping the breast milk for long hours at room temperature is not suggested.

Keep it at a cooler temperature. But then the problem is how to warm bottles on the go.

In a public place like a restaurant, you can ask for hot water to be brought in a large cup. Fit the baby bottle almost half into the cup.

Fit the bottle in such a way that the water in the cup does not overflow. This is a very efficient and easier way to warm milk for the baby.

Another efficient way to warm baby bottles is to warm them in a portable bottle warmer. Keep it charged whenever you’re on the go.

Whenever you want to warm the milk, just plug the bottle into the portable bottle warmer and let it warm. It will give you hot serving milk in about 10-15 minutes.

Another way to serve hot breast milk to your kid is to carry a thermos with you. Boil the milk at home and fill it in your thermos.

This will keep the milk hot when you’re somewhere out with your baby. As soon as the baby is hungry, feed him hot milk from the thermos.

1. Feeding Milk At Room Temperature

Keeping breast milk for long hours at room temperature is not recommended. Hence, you must keep it in a cooler when you go outside. 

Feeling the baby your milk at room temperature is also suitable as most kids like the normal temperature of the milk.

Anyway, the actual breast milk has a normal temperature.

Therefore, before feeding the baby, take the milk out of the cooler and bring it to normal room temperature. 

Never feed the baby cold milk; it’s not good for his health. Note that you must feed the breast milk within two hours of taking it out of the cooler.

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2. Portable Bottle Warmer

If your baby only drinks lukewarm or slightly hot milk, then a portable bottle warmer will be a good companion.

Whenever your kid feels hungry, you can easily attach the baby bottle to this portable bottle warmer. 

A portable bottle warmer is the best when you travel somewhere with your kid.

When you don’t want to fuzz around with hot water cups, a portable bottle warmer is the most reliable. 

But be careful with these warmers. I meant that don’t heat the milk too much. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait till it gets lukewarm to feed your baby. 

Heating the milk should be according to your baby’s preference, whether he prefers it hot or lukewarm. Don’t heat the milk for more than 10-15 minutes.

3. Using A Thermos

Don’t worry if you don’t want to buy a portable bottle warmer.

Carrying a thermos with you is another convenient way to feed breast milk to your baby when you’re on the go. 

First of all, boil the milk at home and transfer it into the thermos.

Thermos is a very reliable way to feed hot milk to your baby when you have to go out with your baby for long hours. 

Another way to use a thermos is that you put hot boiling water in it.

Then, at the time of feeding the baby, just put the baby bottle in the thermos. This will heat the milk for the baby.


When a kid is hungry, he won’t stop crying until he is fed.

Therefore, whenever you go outside, follow the ways mentioned above on how to warm bottles on the go.

There are various methods to heat the milk as well. Choose your method at your convenience. It is easy to heat the milk even when you’re on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Warm Up A Bottle Without A Bottle Warmer?

Suppose you don’t own a bottle warmer; not an issue. When you’re at a restaurant, just order them to get you a cup of hot water.

Put the baby bottle half inside the cup and make sure not to overspill the water. Wait for some time for the milk to get hot.

How Do You Warm Formula On The Go?

The best way to warm formula on the go is to boil water at home and transfer it into a thermos. The milk remains hot for a few hours only.

When your baby starts crying, just mix the hot water and the formula. Don’t feed too hot milk to your baby! Check the temperature first.

Can I Leave The Bottle In A Bottle Warmer?

Absolutely not! This is because of the risks of electrical fires when the bottle remains plugged into the bottle warmer.

Never leave the baby bottle plugged into the warmer for longer hours.

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