My Dog Keeps Laying On My Stomach Am I Pregnant?

Are you wondering why my dog keeps laying on my stomach am I pregnant? Man’s best friend is truly a remarkable creature.

You all must be familiar with dogs’ extraordinary sense of smelling odd things.

While we humans have 6 million receptors, dogs have 300 million of them.

They are almost 100 times more intuitive than humans. Moreover, they are excellent at observing.

Probably because of all these qualities, they are widely used in investigations.

However, this does not mean that dogs that are not used in investigations and are instead petted by regular households are any less.

You may notice when a member of your family is not well; your pet dog is the first who starts behaving oddly.

This is all because of their intuition. Sometimes they can feel the difference in your heartbeat or the hormones released.

If you are wondering why is my dog keeps laying on my stomach am I pregnant, then the answer might be a yes.

Even though it is not yet scientifically proved but through many experiences and theories, it is evident that your dog can act differently when you get pregnant.

Read the complete article to know why.

My Dog Keeps Laying on My Stomach, Am I Pregnant?

If you see behavioral changes in your dog, like if it is following you everywhere, you are going, or is climbing on your stomach every time you sit, it might signify that your dog is trying to sense something.

There are a few changes in your body while pregnant, which you may never be able to notice, but your dog might.

  • Hormonal Changes

Dogs are blessed with a few extraordinary senses, which allow them to sense hormonal and pheromone changes before human beings.

A pregnant woman undergoes a lot of chemical changes, especially during the initial stages.

There is a probability that your dog has sensed this change. So, if you are wondering why my dog keeps laying on my stomach am I pregnant, then probably you are predicting it right.

  • Behavioral Changes

During pregnancy, a pregnant woman experiences several behavioral changes.

There is a good likelihood that your dog can detect it. That is perhaps why it will try to get closer to you to get more attention.

If you are anxious or if your mood swings, your dog may try to comfort you.

However, humans can also detect mood fluctuations in pregnant women if they pay close attention.

  • Structural Changes

Dogs are sensitive to any changes in your physique.

For example, you must have noticed when you are hurt or wounded; your dog is the first to sense it.

Similarly, they pay special attention to the change in your physique.

If you start growing a bump, your dog would most likely come near your stomach and feel the baby’s presence.

They will also consistently try to protect you and your bump.

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Advantages of Having Dogs While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a time when you will face a lot of ups and downs. But having a dog can be a stress reliever. Let’s know-how.

  • Mood-Boosting

Animals have been scientifically proven to improve human mood.

So, amid all the stress and strain of pregnancy, your dog will provide you with reasons to smile every day.

They will never leave your side and will do everything in their power to protect you till the baby arrives.

Even if they are envious after the delivery, they will always attempt to defend your infant.

  • You Will Always Have A Companion

While pregnant, you may feel lonely sitting at home all day; on these days, your puppy will be your best entertainer and buddy.

They will not only make you feel alive, but they will also assist you with your household.

For example, if something is laying on the floor and you cannot pick it up, the dog will always assist you in such instances with its friendly gesture.

  • They Will Keep You Active

Pregnancy comes with a lot of fatigue. Nonetheless, a pregnant woman needs to be active.

So, on tough days if you do not get any motivation to get up from your couch, your dog might drag you to go for a walk or play with him.

Therefore, having a dog around you when you are pregnant is a privilege. With true love, care, and affection, they can be your best friend during hard times.


Pregnancy can have many symptoms of its own. For example, if your dog is sitting on your belly, it might be because it is craving your affection.

However, pregnancy cannot always be the reason.

But if you are noticing other changes in your body, including nausea, fatigue, and heaviness, or if you have missed your period this month, then stop thinking, “why my dog keeps laying on my stomach am I pregnant” and rush to your gynecologist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Dog Sleep Next to My Belly?

Dogs like to sleep with their belly on air to stay cool. Their belly is the source of producing heat. So, while sleeping, they keep their belly up to stay cool.

Do Dogs Know When Humans Are Sleeping?

Yes, they can sense when you are sleeping. They also have excellent observing power.

So, through your posture, they can easily figure if you are sleeping or not. However, if you act like sleeping, they might not get the acting.

Should You Let Dogs Sleep in Your Bed?

This is only fine if your dog does not have any health or behavioral issues. In both cases, it can be dangerous for you to sleep next to your dog.

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