Shaving After C Section

Is shaving after c section good for your health? This is usually the last thing to consult from your doctor.

A lot will be changing around you, and this might be the least of your concerns at first.

A lot might happen after giving birth to your little angel. There will be physical and emotional changes.

For first time moms, it’s reasonable to feel overwhelmed and in doubt. And it’s okay to ask for help from other moms or your healthcare provider. 

You have to acknowledge that your body has gone through a challenging yet memorable experience.

It’s typical for your body to feel a bit bruised, and it may take a duration of time before everything gets back to normal. 

Of course, you’ll need time to rest and recover. 

As your health advisor will have instructed you, it’s best to take things slowly. Still, you might be doubting what to do about certain things.

For instance, and our priority in this masterpiece, is it possible to shave over your incision site?

Is Shaving After C Section Recommended?

Most health practitioners recommend not shaving your pubic hairs within 24 hours after the C section.

Also, it would almost be impractical to shave at this time since before undergoing surgery.

Your doctor might suggest you undergo trimming of the short hairs. Primarily, this is to enable the procedure to proceed efficiently and keep the area clean.

As you can imagine, shaving after 24 hours of the surgery will be a far fetched idea.

Also, you are at risk of contracting an incision site infection if you shave within the mentioned duration. 

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When Can You Shave After C Section

Most women are scared and embarrassed to consult, even with their health care providers.

Therefore, it would be best if you waited until the incision site has fully recovered.

Then, when you feel like it doesn’t hurt anymore, you can consult with your doctor and see if they give the go-ahead. 

In most cases, it takes between six and eight weeks to recover from a C section fully.

We, therefore, recommend shaving during this period and still, you ought to be careful. Even after healing, start with trimming and progressively resume shaving completely. 

Still, it varies from individual to individual. For instance, a friend mentioned how she shaved during the week after the C section and again after four weeks during our moms’ talk.

Another added that she was too scared, didn’t mind how she looked and opted to wait until she had fully healed. 

As such, shaving after C section is yours to decide, and maybe your partner can chip in too with some tips. The most vital thing is not to rush and end up hurting yourself.

Also, you might consider shaving the other parts and leaving the incision site intact. 

In some cases, some women have an incision above their hairline. As a result, shaving might not be a predicament.

Nevertheless, and as outlined, it would be best if you didn’t shave after 24 hours of the surgery to avoid any infections.

Should You Consider Waxing?

In this case, you must wait until you have fully recovered and consulted with your doctor. Do not attempt waxing while still having the stitches.

And, even after your health care provider has given the go-ahead, and you are feeling apprehensive about the notion, it would be best to start with a bikini wax and progressively work up to the Brazilian wax. 

In most cases, it might take up to six months before waxing directly over a scar. 

Are you still concerned about shaving after C section? Everyone’s experience of birth is different.

In addition, some women take time to recover both physically and emotionally fully.

Therefore, you should only consider shaving after C section until you are fully prepared and healed from your incision site. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Stop Cleaning My C Section?

Hygiene is imperative after undergoing any surgical procedure. It’s vital to clean the area gently by hand with mild soap and water.

If you have a dressing, it’s okay to remove it and simply let the water run over your wound.

Note that scrubbing or rubbing the incision site with a washcloth can irritate and slow down the healing process.

Also, you can pat the area dry with a clean towel. Most importantly, do not try to wash off the Steri-Strips or glue.

Should I Give My C Section Scar a Massage?

Yes, and it’s totally recommended. It’s almost impractical to elude all the benefits of a C section massage.

First, it will speed up the healing process with good mobility and enhance the functions of the abdominal muscles. Second, it lessens C section scar tissue formation.

Even better, massaging the C section scar can make the scar appear less visible. However, you ought to be cautious about how you handle the process.

Only begin the massage four to six weeks after the surgery and do it in a rubbing motion. Then repeat the process three times a day for 10 minutes for efficient results.

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