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7 Multi-Purpose Best Baby Wipe Dispenser 2020

Looking for the Best Baby Wipe Dispenser?

Keeping babies clean and comfortable is one of the many daily responsibilities of a parent. Diaper changing is a part of it. No matter how messy you think it is, diaper changing is essential to keep away the itchy rashes and other health issues. So, keeping the diapers clean, organized, and handy is not to be dodged away.

Wipe dispensing just got so much more comfortable with these premium pop-up dispensers. Even with products as simple as wipe dispensers, there is still so much to go wrong with. In this post, we look over everything you need to look for in baby dispensers. We have also narrowed down your choices by reviewing a few of the best baby wipe dispensers

What to Look for in a Baby Wipe Dispenser?


The material of a baby wipe dispenser is the most important property to be considered while purchasing it. Always keep a check if the product uses BPA, phthalates, or PVC. These are a complete no-no when it comes to baby products.


There’s no need to store wipes separately for adult use and kids. Look for dispensers with a higher capacity, say 100 wipes at a time so that you can use it for both yourself and the little one. For traveling purposes, one can consider a dispenser that is small in size and capacity. 

Type of Wipes

Do look for a dispenser that can hold large and extra-large wipes as efficiently as it holds the small baby wipes.

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Go for a wipe dispenser that can be used to store toilet wipes or makeup wipes apart from the baby wipes.

Best Baby Wipe Dispenser: Our Top Picks

#1 OXO Tot Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser    

Are you looking for a wipes dispenser that keeps the next wipe ready awaiting? OXO Tot provides the best baby diaper dispenser that keeps the next wipe available immediately, while also keeping them moist and fresh. 

Made up of anti-slip material, this wipe dispenser provides easy access to the wipes with a single press of a button. It can store up to 100 wipes at a time. To store the wipes of all the sizes, it has a dispenser tray. The dispenser tray keeps them fresh and moist as well. 

This dispenser is perfect for storing cleaning wipes and makeup removal wipe as well. A translucent window at the front of the dispenser indicates the time to refill the wipes. This is an excellent dispenser with a sleek design that makes it a quite a decorative wipe dispenser.


  • Can store more than 100 wipes
  • Keeps the next wipe ready immediately
  • Keeps the wipes fresh and humid


  • Doesn’t warm wipes

#2 Skip Hop On-The-Go Snug Seal Baby Wipes Case

Skip Hop On-The-Go Snug Baby Wipes Care consists of a silicon seal lock which ensures the hydration of wipes, keeping them fresh. It is a small wipe case that can hold a maximum of 25 wipes. 

A string attached to this baby wipe case helps the wipes pop out of it quickly. It also keeps the next wipe ready immediately after using the first one. With a transparent indicator in the front of the wipes case, it is easy to determine the time to refill it. 

It is a lightweight and portable baby case which can be carried along handily. Made up of PVC and phthalate-free material, this baby wipe case is 100 % safe to carry your baby wipes. 


  • Lightweight and portable baby wipes case with a side strap
  • Made up of 100% eco-friendly and safe material
  • Keeps all the 25 wipes humid and fresh
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  • Pops the baby wipes out, which becomes messy in some cases

#3 OXO Tot On-The-Go wipes Dispenser

Need an easy to open wipes dispenser? Then, the OXO Tot will be the right pick. The wipes can be dispensed at a single click. It keeps the wipes very handy. Keeping the wipes fresh and wet all the time is the baby wipe dispenser for day-to-day usage.

This is a very lightweight and portable baby wipe dispenser. It comes with a side strap attached to tuck it on any holder or bag. Made up of BPA free material, this baby dispenser is 100 % safe to use for kids. It is one of the best baby wipe dispensers.


  • Handy wipes on just one click
  • Made up of BPA free safe material
  • Has a strap which makes it portable


  • Not suitable for large and extra-large sized wipes.

#4 Ubbi Baby Wipes Dispenser

Ubbi Baby Wipes Dispenser is designed with a rubber seal to keep the wipes wet and fresh for longer. This baby dispenser holds the next wipe ready right after dispensing the first wipe. 

A translucent window keeps track of the number of wipes in this baby dispenser. It is made up of BPA and phthalate-free material plastic, which makes it both safe and long-lasting.

It is rated one of the best baby wipes dispenser as per safety measures.


  • made up of 100% safe plastic
  • consist of a translucent window to keep track of wipes
  • has a rubber seal to keep the wipes wet and fresh


  • weight plate leaks some times

#5 Itzy Ritzy Travel Wipes Case- Portable

Itzy Ritzy travel wipes, as the name suggests, is a baby wipe dispenser for travel. It can hold as much as 64 wipes at a time, while the side strap makes it portable. 

It has a clip with which it can be attached to any handle or holder as well. This wipe case is standard for all the sizes of wipes. It can be used for the kids aging between 0-60 months. It is a water wipes dispenser that keeps the wipes moisturized.

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  • portable and lightweight wipe case
  • can hold 64 wipes at a time
  • made up of eco-friendly material which is 100% safe


  • too small to hold large and extra-large wipes
  • It is complicated to refill this case

#6 Tactical Baby Gear MOLLE Baby Wipes Pouch 2.0

Looking forward to a handy and lightweight wipe dispenser, the Tactical Baby Gear MOLLE Baby Wipe Pouch 2.0 is one to be considered. It is made with 600D tactical polyester material, which is both eco-friendly and soft to touch. Being a heavy-duty wipes pouch, it can be used for outdoor purposes as well. 

It can easily hold a single pack of baby wipes under its flap. Being a quick dispenser, it works as a boon in messy situations. This will be a great wall mounted wet wipe dispenser.


  • Made for the heavy-duty workload
  • Made up of safe, eco-friendly material
  • Portable and lightweight


  • Doesn’t fit large and extra-large wipes well

#7 Venhoo Wet Wipe Pouch

Venhoo provides a 60 wipes carrier pouch and an excellent traveling partner as well. It is easy to refill this pouch with the wipes, which make it even more productive. 

Made up of BPA free material, it is 100% safe-to-use wipe pouch. It can be used to carry toilet wipes, makeup wipes, and wet baby wipes. 


  • Made up of BPA free material
  • Multipurpose baby wipe pouch


  • The plastic compartment comes out after using it for a few months


Getting organized only makes parenting easier. Stop worrying about drying out wipes or contamination, and get a wipe dispenser. Our recommendation is the OXO Tot Perfect Pull. It is not only handy and great for kindergarten but it has a great capacity but also has an anti-slip material use, making it one of the best baby wipe dispensers.

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