Can Pregnant Women Take Emergen C

Can Pregnant Women Take Emergen C

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Can pregnant women take emergen c without risking hurting the baby?

That’s a million-dollar question for any expectant mother, and the answer is something they would appreciate.

As much as it promises to fight a wide range of germs, adopting it without considering the baby’s health is unwise.

Fortunately, this article got your back advising you on whether to take it or not.

Can Pregnant Women Take Emergen C?

Can Pregnant Women Take Emergen C

When one starts experiencing an itchy throat, often are times when reaching out for Emergen C.

After all, it meets the description of what you are looking for. In addition, it fights almost everything that germs cause, including cold and flu.

Its major ingredient is vitamin C which is well-known for boosting one’s immune system.

That’s something everyone would appreciate and more so pregnant women.

It would mean being resistant to illnesses at a time when their body’s immune system is low since that’s common during pregnancy.

That makes taking emergen c when a pregnant sounds like a brilliant idea.

Of course, it would mean staying healthy, which is good for your health. But, hold your horses.

As long as you are pregnant, it is time not to give in to that temptation of using this supplement, even when cold seems to demand otherwise.

That’s for one obvious reason, which is the fact that it is a supplement.

FDA does not regulate most supplements hence termed as unsafe for use by pregnant women.

In the past, there were instances when the baby’s health was affected by the consumption of supplements.

That begs one more question. Can pregnant women take emergen c if prescribed by the doctor?

Yes, because it is categorized under the check-in-with-the doctor list. Therefore, the doctor can give you the go-ahead to take it if he deems it fit.

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1. What Are The Ingredients Of Emergen C?

Can Pregnant Women Take Emergen C

You are most likely wondering what makes emergen c terrible for pregnancy.

Let’s take a look at what it contains.

First of all, there are varieties of emergence c, and some vary from others in terms of ingredients. However, one of the common ones is vitamin C.

According to the manufacturer, it is too much to the extent that you could easily turn into orange after consumption.

The reason behind that is most likely the fact that orange is a well-known source of Vitamin C.

Enhanced Immune Support Formula and Everyday Immune Support also contain B vitamins, zinc, sodium, calcium, and other electrolytes.

Others contain sleep aids, electrolyte drinks, probiotics, vitamins sourced from plants, and energizing vitamins.

2. What Are The Risks Of Pregnant Women Taking Emergen C?

Taking emergen c when pregnant could affect the health of your baby adversely.

That’s because supplements could lead to an unhealthy pregnancy and the emergen c is not an exception. 

Equally important, going by the World Health Organization (WHO) research regarding the effects of vitamin C on pregnancy and newborns, there is quite a grey area.

While some benefited from it, others ended up facing dire consequences.

Therefore, it would be safe to stay away from anything that even has the slightest chance of harming your unborn child.

However, until more research regarding the effects, you better be safe than sorry.

3. Why Is Vitamin C Important To Pregnant Women?

Can Pregnant Women Take Emergen C

As much as emergen C isn’t a good choice, natural Vitamin C is quite remarkable.

It is generally a helpful mineral regardless of whether you are pregnant or not. That’s because it is quite an effective antioxidant.

It also boosts one’s immunity protecting them from germs and avoiding a situation where the pregnant women would have to take medication.

Its significant role in the growth of a baby is also indisputable.

It is also known for reducing the chances of suffering from some cancers and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, it is essential, especially to pregnant women.


So, can pregnant women take emergen C? First of all, it is a supplement that can potentially harm your baby.

However, if a doctor prescribes it, go ahead and take it. Studies continue in efforts to put the matter regarding the effects of Vitamin C on pregnancy to rest.

Until then, better safe than sorry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Take Vitamin C While Pregnant?

Yes, it is okay to take Vitamin C when pregnant, readily available in vegetables and fruits.

In most cases, pregnant women receive prenatal vitamins, and one of them is usually Vitamin C. 

However, avoid taking large doses of the same since too much of it could do more harm than good.

On average, the recommended amount for women aged 18 and below is 1800 mg. On the other hand, women aged 19 and above can take up to 2000 mg.

Can I Take Airborne When Pregnant?

Airborne is yet another popular supplement. Some of the herbs, nutrients, and vitamins used show that they can improve the immune system.

But, just like its counterparts, avoid taking it when pregnant unless told to do so by an expert.

What Can A Pregnant Woman Take For A Cold?

Experts suggest going for natural medicine if you get cold when pregnant.

Some of the suggestions include chicken soup, vaporizer, saline nasal wash, and hot showers.

If that doesn’t work, there are safe medicine such as Chloraseptic spray, Zinc lozenges, Pseudoephedrine, Diphenhydramine, and Acetaminophen.

Preferably, always consult a doctor before taking any medication when pregnant.

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