Can You Use Biofreeze When Pregnant

Can You Use Biofreeze When Pregnant? 1 Simple Answer

Many new parents ask “Can You Use Biofreeze When Pregnant?”

While pregnancy is an amazing time for most women, it can also be quite painful.

The pain can result from the baby getting bigger in the womb and your organs shifting to create room.

Your baby is also going to be kicking around in there from time to time.

When looking for pain relief, there are lots of options out there, including Biofreeze.

However, you have to be careful not to use something that could endanger you and your baby.

So can you use Biofreeze when pregnant?

Here’s what you need to know.

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What is Biofreeze?

Biofreeze is a well-known set of topical muscle and joint pain relief products.

Using a process known as ‘Gate Control Theory’, Biofreeze works by isolating the pain and providing a cooling sensation on the affected area. 

It is caused by its menthol pain relief formula, which mimics the sensation of ice and gets rid of the pain.

It also blocks pain receptors to the brain and relaxes the nerves, which gets rid of the pain even quicker. 

Unlike oral pain medication that you run the risk of getting addicted to and harming the baby, Biofreeze is used outside the body only.

You can also make sure that you apply it to the affected area and avoid any potential hazards like your stomach. 

It is also quite versatile, and Biofreeze can be used on all types of muscle pain.

Biofreeze is long-lasting and quite easy to get, and you don’t even need to have a prescription to buy some. 

It comes in three different formats – gel, roll-on, and spray – that are tailored to target different types of muscles all over your body.

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Can You Use Biofreeze When Pregnant?

Pain during pregnancy can be a huge nuisance and cause you to be unable to do anything.

Even something as simple as sleep can be impossible when your muscles are screaming in pain.

However, it is important to know whether using Biofreeze for pain relief will negatively affect you and your baby.

According to Biofreeze makers, this product has not yet been tested on pregnant or nursing women.

That means that its safety for use is questionable at this critical time.

The common recommendation in such a situation is talking to your doctor first before using it.

Your doctor will then run a risks and benefits assessment test on you to determine whether using Biofreeze as a pain reliever is advisable or not.

If using Biofreeze for pain relief during pregnancy, make sure that you use as little as possible.

It will reduce you and your baby’s exposure to it and minimize any adverse effects.

If you’re prone to getting all kinds of aches and pains during pregnancy, it can seem like that’s something you just have to suffer through until you give birth.

However, you can always get some pain relief by using Biofreeze. So can you use Biofreeze when pregnant?

The short answer is yes, provided that your doctor has given you the all-clear.

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