How Many People To Invite To Baby Shower
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How Many People To Invite To Baby Shower?

So, how many people to invite to baby shower now that it is almost time to hold one?

Planning a baby shower looks like an easy job. However, it can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to sending invites. 

The key to choosing the correct number of guests to invite to a baby shower is striking the right balance. Too few are unmanageable, but too many prevent you from acknowledging the significance of the day.

How many people are too many people? Will some people feel left out if you do not include them?

What is your budget for whatever number of people that you choose to invite? 

But one of the top questions for any planner and soon-to-be mother is how many people to invite to baby shower!

We have all the details for you! 

Who Should You Invite To Your Baby Shower?

When planning a baby shower and deciding how many people you should invite, the first question to answer is who is a must-invite in the shower. 

As a planner, you should run the guestlist by the to-be mother. The baby shower is usually best when it is an intimate gathering.

While this will mainly include family friends and close friends, maybe there are people in this circle that the mother doesn’t want to include.

Also, they might have co-workers and people in their circles you do not know that they would like to invite. 

Who gets an invite will also depend on the kind of baby shower you are throwing.

For example, is it a traditional shower with women-only invites, or is it a modern one where the soon-to-be dad also gets an invite? 

If the dad will be part of it, run the guestlist by him, too. He will definitely need familiar faces and not just the company of their partner.

As fathers are getting more involved in baby showers, the soon-to-be dad might want to invite his loved ones too. 

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How Many People To Invite To Baby Shower

That said, the group of people you have on your list could seem too little or too high for a baby shower. So, how many people should get that invite? 

Unfortunately, there is no specific number of people that you should have in a baby shower. It all depends on the soon-to-be parent’s needs.

What is their budget? How many people are they comfortable inviting from their circles, and where will the shower be held?

A large gathering will require a higher budget for food, drinks or snacks, and venue payments.

Speaking of the venue, the baby shower location could also hinder some people from coming, especially if it is hard to access. 

You also need to consider how one is comfortable around large gatherings. Some people prefer small crowds, whether it is for a wedding, birthday or baby shower.

With such, a group of 15 to 20 attendees is usually enough for a baby shower. Some could even invite fewer people. 

For others, the more, the merrier. If you are this kind of person, you might want to invite more than 20 people.

Some people will have up to 50 guests or more, especially if they have a large family. 

This trick is knowing you can have as many guests as you want in your baby shower! 

The Ultimate Checklist For Your Baby Shower Guestlist 

With that said, we have taken the liberty of preparing the ultimate guest list for your baby shower.

Even if you are planning on getting a template, it is good to make your own preparations for the guest; list,

Whether you are using a professional planner or your close friends are helping you with all the planning, the below are the must-have attendees for your big day. 

1. Your Mama 

A mama’s love and support are unwavering. And the fact that they will be receiving a grandchild/ren soon is is why you need her presence.

So if you are lucky enough to have your mama around, ensure she is your number 1 guest! 

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2. Your Mother-in-Law 

There is the notion that mothers-in-law’s are bad news. Some are, and some are the best!

However, if you have a great relationship with yours, it is best to have them there. You could use their support too. 

3. Your Partner 

Even when you are doing a traditional baby shower, it would be best to have your significant other.

The day could get super emotional, and who better to have by your side than the love of your life.

Even if they show up for a few minutes or hours, it is best to know that they are around. 

4. Your Best Buddies 

Of course, your best friends will make the list! Your gang will not just show up, but they will keep the baby shower mill running smoothly! 

5. Co-Workers… Perhaps 

Not everyone likes mixing work with personal life.

But, if you have close co-workers you do not mind letting into your life, then it would be nice to have them there, too. 

And there is your ultimate guide to how many people to invite to baby shower.

Whatever the number of people you want, it is best to know that your comfort on this big day is important. 

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