How To Deal With Argumentative Child
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How To Deal With Argumentative Child

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Do you know how to deal with argumentative child?

When you hold your little one in your arms for the first time, you really can’t wait to hear them speak, and those magical first words become a blessing to your ears, and you can’t wait to hear more.

However, if your child turns out to be an argumentative one, it actually is trouble for everyone.

Dealing with an argumentative child every day can truly discourage you and your day-to-day activities; you really cannot hear anything else other than continuous complaints and whining. 

Actually, you are not alone in this; there are many children out there who turns out to be argumentative.

It’s because, during their growth period, they try to cope-up with a lot of things, they try to make sense of a lot of things that are going around them and sometimes in this process they turn out to be an argumentative one.

How to deal with an argumentative child might be a nightmare for you, but it’s not that difficult as well.

Screaming at your child for their behavior, always scolding them, grounding them will never change their behavior.

However, there are many ways you can deal with your little one; let us find out a few of the most recommended ones.

 How to Deal with Argumentative Child?

When you hear constant whining, complaints, disagreements, you might think the best solution to this problem is to either scold them or ground them for some time, but actually, this is the worst solution; your child’s behavior might become worse.

 Ignoring such mouthy behaviors is also not a solution for such kids; they tend to become worse.

Sometimes dealing with all these can be exhausting for you; it might demoralize you, but you can deal with these behaviors smartly, this might take time, but you can do anything for your little one.

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 Some ways on how to deal with argumentative children are:

  • Try to be patient and try to award your child for good behavior: Changing your child’s behavior is not an easy process. It will take time to be patient, proactive, and always try to avoid squabble, do not talk to them when you are in a bad mood. Instead, try to reward them for being a good person, even though it is small, but it might help them let go of the bad if you start recognizing their good behavior.
  • Spend time with your little one: This is one of the main reasons your child becomes argumentative, your child needs your attention, they need your time if you fail to give them that they will seek your attention in all the way possible, that includes either by arguments or bad behaviors. Unfortunately, with all these constant arguments and quarrels, you often forget to spend time with your child. Spending time with your child will help nurture your relationship, get to know them better, and learn from you so much that they will adapt to good behavior.
  • Teach your child how to speak and behave well: Every child has some good intentions, but due to their mouthy behavior, these good intentions result in bad activities, don’t suppress these intentions; instead, teach them how to say those in a better way. For example, if your child misbehaves in front of guests, don’t ask them to go away; instead, ask them calmly and politely to say sorry and teach them how to respect others and behave with them.
  • Try to be their role model: Often, the leading cause of your child’s argumentative behavior is the environment they are in; if they see you quarreling all the time, often using bad words, they will learn to be the same. Always try to be optimistic in front of them and influence your child to make you their role model in their life.

How to Discipline Your Argumentative Child

Lack of discipline might result in the argumentative behavior of your child. Teach your child how to discipline their life.

They are young to know that these behaviors are not acceptable. Many of you might wonder will this be enough for your child?

Yes, this helps. Discipline is one of the ways you can bring your child to be a good person.

Include these sessions in their day-to-day routine, teach them how to take ownership of their behavior, how to rectify them, how to become responsible people. 

 Teach them self-control and explain to them the results of misbehaving with others.


Now that some of the points are clear to you on dealing with argumentative children, they are effective and will undoubtedly solve your issue.

Try to understand the underlying cause of your child’s behavior and always look at those with an open mind that will help you to deal with them in a better way.

 Frequently Asked Questions

 How to Deal with A 3-Year-Old Who Argues About Everything?

The root cause of these behaviors is that they want your attention; they want you to buy them whatever they want.

Dealing with these kids might be tricky, but the simple way to stop this behavior is to distract their minds with either something they love or by something you can give them instead of what they desire.

 How to Deal with A Mother and Son Who Always Argues?

There are various reasons why a mother and a son fight. They can be chores, homework, accountability, etc.

This kind of relationship is often called a Toxic relationship.

To avoid such situations, they need to understand each other; the mother needs to take ownership and teach her son to behave.

 Why Is My Child A Know-It-All?

These types of children are bold, intelligent, and can maturely express their feelings. They have mature body language and will try to argue if you disagree with them.

Never encourage these behaviors at the time of an argument to try to be respectful.

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