How to Fake a Pregnancy Test With Apple Juice

How to Fake a Pregnancy Test With Apple Juice

How to fake a pregnancy test with apple juice to prank your partner?

False positives when doing a pregnancy test at home are quite common. As such, many women have sought substances that can produce a false positive to prank their loved ones or for other personal reasons.

One of those substances, which has gained quite the attention on social media sites is apple juice. While we do not condone this prank and find it to be in bad taste, we still searched for answers in case you have thought through the prank and want to proceed.

How do Pregnancy Tests Work?

A pregnancy kit tests for the presence of the hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone in urine. When the ovary or egg is fertilized by the sperm in the fallopian tube, the fertilized egg travels and attaches to the walls of the uterus. This process takes 6 to 12 days, after which, the body starts producing the hCG hormone.

hCG hormone is only present after the embryo has attached to the walls of the uterus, and is proof of pregnancy. The amount of hCG hormone increases overtime. With home pregnancy testing kits, most test for hCG that’s over a certain level (from 25 to 50).

The number varies between brands, but works since such levels should be possible with a fertilized egg. This is mostly after missing your periods. Pregnancy kits have particular enzymes that change the color of the strip in a testing kit or lead to the revelation of a line that signals pregnancy. All you have to do is pee on the testing stick or dip it in a cup of urine.

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How to Fake a Pregnancy Test With Apple Juice

While not all pregnancy testing kits work with this method, there are some that turn to a false positive with other substances other than urine, like apple juice.

So, does apple juice make a pregnancy test positive? The hormones in the urine when one is pregnant are a bit sugary. Since apple juice is sugary, the sugars interact with the enzymes in the pregnancy stick, leading to a positive result.

However, this will only work when you put a few drops of apple juice into the testing kit. Drinking the apple juice and peeing on the testing kit will not achieve the desired results. That’s because whatever you consume is digested and the elements in the apple juice that make a pregnancy kit turn positive are broken down.

Other Ways to Fake a Pregnancy Test

There are other ways to fake a pregnancy test, apart from using apple juice. One of these methods is using soda. Pour the soda into a cup or an empty container and use a dropper to drop a few drops on the testing kit. You will have positive results in a few minutes. The ingredients in the soda have alkaline qualities, similar to that of the pregnancy hormones.

Other substances you can use to fake a pregnancy test are orange juice, cola. These also contain the same properties that react to the enzyme in the testing kit like the urine of someone pregnant.

Can You Use Blood Test to Fake a Pregnancy Test

Here are two ways to test for pregnancy, blood, and urine test. A urine test is what most individuals do at home with the pregnancy kit, while the blood test is done in hospitals. The blood test is more accurate, making it impossible to tamper with the results.

Unless the testing center is willing to participate in your ruse, there is no easy way for you to fake a blood test. These testing centers have strict rules and guidelines, so it will also be challenging to find one that is willing to play along.

Many individuals search for answers on how to fake a pregnancy test with apple juice. With some testing kit, the enzymes in the kit can react with the apple juice to produce a false positive. Other kits cannot have a false positive with such liquids as apple juice or cola. However, it is important to note that many people consider such a prank to be in bad taste. Also, it might not yield the reactions you are looking for.

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