Husband Gets Angry When Baby Cries

Husband Gets Angry When Baby Cries

Dealing with a fussy baby can be nerve-wracking sometimes. Nobody enjoys a crying baby on a plane.

But we also have to understand that babies come crying.

A father, man enough, will get this and bear it with patience and handle the baby in the best possible way.

Yes, the patriarchal society still teaches lessons on emphasizing parenting as an exclusively female occupation.

Individuals (both parents and grandparents) may have difficulty dealing with a crying baby, but is it a big issue?

Keep reading to find out why husbands get angry when the baby cries by reading on.

Husband Gets Angry When Baby Cries

Your husband must accept that children will cry (and they will whine), even when they’re in their preschool years.

Your husband may crack quickly because they feel scared and helpless after becoming a new father.

Your man, who is probably not around as often, may not be able to see any possibility for the sound of silence while you have become skilled at reading a baby’s cry and soothing it.

Having more control and confidence may help him feel less on edge, and he may even enjoy his newly acquired skills.

He wouldn’t even be as annoyed as you are.

Take him to his next checkup so he can learn what’s expected or print out some articles about crying babies.

As he mentioned, if you haven’t used a pacifier, it might be time to do so. 

Maybe you shouldn’t look so far ahead while worrying about your child becoming addicted to his blanket when he reaches preschool.

Most kids give up on their own; if yours doesn’t, you’ll handle it still.

1. When The Baby Cries, Dad Gets Frustrated

A baby’s cries can frustrate dads, even though it’s an understandable reaction.

Parenting is one of the most beautiful and exhausting experiences of your life. Everything you want is for your little one to feel better.

Crying babies can be overwhelming for dads, especially. Society tells men that they are second-class citizens when it comes to parenting. 

Kids used to practice changing diapers on their dolls when they were babysitting.

Thus, dads have to learn a lot when they become parents.

Your husband is not a bad parent because he feels overwhelmed by the baby’s crying.

Give your husband some slack when the baby cries if he gets frustrated.

Being a parent can take many forms, and each of you is learning about it.

Men tend to feel responsible for fixing things, which isn’t the best approach when it comes to babies.

No matter how illogical it seems, sometimes babies just cry, and nothing you can do will make them stop.

2. Baby’s Father Doesn’t Have Patience With Him

It’s not unusual for dads to lose patience with a new baby because they have a lot on their plates; after all, babies aren’t exactly convenient!

With a baby comes some significant lifestyle changes and a host of new safety precautions, expenses, and concerns.

Even for the baby, they love with all their heart, and it can be difficult for a strong, independent person to sacrifice so much.

There can be several signs that your better half is losing patience with the baby.

He may appear frustrated, have a short fuse with other family members, or try to hand you the baby immediately upon hearing it cry.

It may be helpful to discuss the patterns you’ve noticed with your husband.

3. What Causes Dads To Become Frustrated Faster Than Moms With Crying Babies?

According to a stereotype, dads get frustrated with crying babies quicker than moms.

Your husband may get frustrated pretty quickly with a crying baby in your household, regardless of whether it’s true in every case.

It doesn’t mean that your husband isn’t a good father, even if that’s the case in your relationship.

A crying baby has plenty of reasons to frustrate dads, just like moms.

Dads’ frustration is due to various factors, including stress, uncertainty, sleep deprivation, and a lack of practice.

4. He’s Stressed Out Too

Stress is a part of having a baby! While adjusting to their new role as fathers, new dads also undergo substantial lifestyle changes.

Having a new baby can exhaust dads emotionally and physically, on top of the usual daily stress he faces at work, with relationships, and with chores.

If you want to combat stress, take time to take care of yourself and ensure that your romantic relationship is your top priority.

If he has a hobby that helps him relax, giving him some time and space can be helpful.


You know that the husband gets angry when the baby cries.

Remember that your husband has less time to deal with the baby’s crying if you are at home with him and at work during the day.

Consider how stressed it makes you when your child cries, and then remember that he has less opportunity to learn how to handle it.

Being empathic with your partner can help you cope with a crying baby more gracefully.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Do Babies Sense When You’re Angry?

Research shows that infants as young as one month old can sense when a parent is depressed or angry and are affected by the parent’s mood.

Knowing that even infants are affected by adult emotions can help parents do their best to support their child’s healthy development.

Is It Because The Sound Of A Baby Crying Makes Me Angry?

People with misophonia can be frustrated by noisy eaters, a crying baby, or overly-loud breathing; relationships suffer, and some have difficulty working in loud environments.

While professionals know a great deal about its effects, they could not identify the cause.

Does Getting Frustrated With A Crying Baby Make Sense?

It is normal to become frustrated and even angry when a baby cries.

You should put your baby down in a safe place if you feel you are getting to the point of frustration or anger where you might hurt them.




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