5 Year Old Hitting Parents
Toddler Toddler Discipline

5 Year Old Hitting Parents – 6 Ways To Eliminate Anger

A 5 Year Old Hitting Parents is very normal behaviour. Most parents who try to discipline their children will experience this type of aggressive behaviour. However, problems can occur when your child is so frustrated and is in a temper rage, a mini-meltdown or having an extreme temper tantrum when they decide to hit you. …

How long after painting a room is it safe for toddler
Baby Toddler Safety

How Long After Painting A Room Is It Safe For Toddler? 3 Practical Tips

Figuring out how long after painting a room is it safe for toddler to enter is a problem that many families face. Paint and the fumes from the paint can have serious health issues and caution needs to be taken when paint fumes and infants. Many paints contain a variety of chemical compounds that can …

Why Having Kids Ruined My Life
Big Kid Parenting

Why Having Kids Ruined My Life! 5 Powerful Reasons

Some parents ask themselves this very series question, “Why Having Kids Ruined My Life!” Whether you are ready or not for a child, one of the expectations is that you love the experience and not complain. In fact, you may even feel guilty for thinking about how having children ruined my life. For instance, it …

toddler hitting head with hand
Toddler Toddler Development

Toddler Hitting Head With Hand – 3 Proven Reasons

It’s no surprise that toddlers go through an array of developmental, emotional and physical changes before they turn 3 years of age. A Toddler hitting head with hand can seem very strange behaviour at first. Whilst the odd occasion can be trivial, more frequent occasions may be a cause for concern. Although babies inflicting harm …

Why do kids hit themselves
Big Kid Parenting

Why Do Kids Hit Themselves – 7 Practical Reasons

One of the most common questions amongst parents is: “why do kids hit themselves”, “my child hitting himself in the head”, “my daughter hits herself when upset”, “my son hits herself when upset” It’s a worrying time for a parent when their toddler uses violence on themselves. Whether it’s biting or hitting, the parent worries …

Why Do Babies Sleep With Their Butt In The Air

Why Do Babies Sleep With Their Butt In The Air – 4 Simple Reasons

Among the many questions parents have, why do babies sleep with their butt in the air. Watching your little angel sleep is one of the most fulfilling moments in the parenting journey. As babies grow up, there are many things that they do that don’t make any sense. One of them is sleeping with their …

child at dentist

Your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist:  What You Need to Know

Raising kids is never easy and pretty much everything in their lives is your responsibility for the first few formative years.  That includes everything from getting them to bed, waking them up, feeding them properly to tasks like doctor’s visits and eventually day care. Now we’re not trying to heap more pressure on you (we …

kids scooter

4 Things You Need To Check Before Getting A Scooter For Your Kid

  Scooter rides are fun. You may be using an e-scooter or bike to commute, run errands or even for leisurely rides. Of course, e-scooters benefit you in several ways. It’s easy to use, helps you cut travel costs, saves time during city commutes, etc. But on top of all that, many people opt for …