Potty Training 15 Month Old
Potty Training Toddler

Potty Training 15 Month Old – 6 Manageable Steps

Learning to potty train your toddler can be hard work.

Potty Training 15 Month Old toddler sounds like it’s an uphill battle.

The key to potty training is to make sure that your child is ready and are showing positive signs.

This will make the potty training much easier and lead to faster results, no matter what your childs age.

When should I start potty training my toddler?

Most children are usually ready to start thinking and being introduced to potty training around the age of 2.

Although, some children may wait until after 3. Remember, It’s not a competition and it’s not a race.

Some children are nappy free at 18 months while others can take up to 4 years old.

Every child is different and you should respect the uniqueness of your child by not comparing them too much with others.

This means that if you do think your 15 month old is showing positive potty training signs then you should implement these tips to increase your chances of being success.

Potty Training 15 Month Old – 6 Manageable Steps

1. Comfortable clothing is best

Make sure their clothes are easy to put on and take off as you’ll be rushing to take off clothes when they suddenly feel the urge.

Try to avoid unnecessary zips or too many buttons as they will just get in the way and not be useful for helping to efficiently potty train.

2. Switch their normal nappies to pullups

Once your toddler starts potty training it’s smart advice to switch to pull ups.

This will allow them and you to very quickly pull up or down their nappy in time for a wee or poo.

Successful potty training means taking a few shortcuts when you can to save time.

Once they have had a few successful sessions, then change them out into washable cotton underwear.

3. Let them run FREE!

Smart potty training involves encouraging the mindset of using a potty freely.

To help your toddler understand the importance of potty training and for them to maximise their efforts you should let them roam around bottomless.

This will boost your toddler awareness of their own body signals and help with getting them on and off the potty faster.

Once they start to see that when they wee or poo it’s not hidden in their nappy but comes out for everyone to see they will soon start running to the potty for ease and privacy.

4. Motivate their efforts

The key to successful potty training is getting your toddler to understand that they are growing up and being able to go to control their potty time is all apart of this process.

5. Show consistency

Many parents who ask “how to get your toddler to poop in the potty” are very busy doing 101 other things as well.

While this is necessary it’s important that you try to be as consistent as possible and involve other people in the potty training regime.

This will keep a structure and help your toddler to learn faster.

For example, they are staying with a grandparent over the weekend, remind them that it’s potty training time and bring or buy a potty for that house.

(keep it the same colour and brand if you can)

This will help keep your toddler in the right frame of mind and improve their efforts as they have a similar setup to home.

6. Change diapers in the same room as potty training.

This small tip will help the majority of toddlers to link the two together.

If you have space and it’s safe to do so, try to change your toddlers nappy in the bathroom or the area that their potty is stored.

This will help them visually see that their potty is for wee’s and poos’ and nappies are not anymore.

7. Don’t flush wet wipes

When potty training your little it’s expected that the art of wiping cleanly will take some time to master.

To help this process along, many parents provide their little sunshine with wet wipes instead of toilet paper.

There’s nothing wrong with this, but recommendations by expert plumbers are to discard the wipes, not flush.

Turns out even the ones labelled “flushable” aren’t made in a way that our sewer system is meant to handle.

Check out this video for more “Potty Training 15 Month Old” recommendations. 

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