Potty Training Reward Ideas
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Potty Training Reward Ideas

As tricky as potty training might look to new parents, it’s a somewhat meaningful process for both the parents and children.

It may feel complicated sometimes, but it’s essential to be patient as parents.

How you react today and your tact in this situation will determine how well your children are going to learn. 

What are the Potty Training Reward Ideas

There may be times when we feel completely helpless or even losing our temper, but then we have to remind ourselves what impression we will be giving our children.

What we generally do when we are training our children for potty is, control our children with some hypothetical scary story. 

If you are too frustrated by the same old technique with your children, you can resort to a more meaningful method which is a reward system. 

A reward system is definitely a more effective method where toilet training is concerned.

A reward is very different from a bribe; as we may well see, it encourages a habit of developing a routine, whereas a bribe will mean quick action on command. 

To ensure our children follow, develop a particular habit and resolve to do it as a routine, we should introduce different reward ideas between their potty training. 

That will make it a whole lot simpler to get them to practice the correct way to use the potty.

This article covers all about the different reward ideas used to encourage children to learn and build a sense of interest in kids. 

Praise and Books

All children respond to simple things, such as words of praise and appreciation from their parents.

You should be aware of which expression of praise you should use for your child. 

Identify what does the trick for them, clapping, hugging, or saying the praise out loud? 

Books are a source of entertainment for children so books can be helpful also.

Making them comfortable with the idea of reading a book during potty time might be a lot of fun for children.

Picking a few interesting and animated books for children to browse only during potty is a good idea and a great way to build a habit. 

Celebrating with The Children

Children should be educated and made aware every step of the way through potty training.

Education for them only means knowledge of simple things in that process and developing small and easy habits. 

When such awareness comes, children know why parents are celebrating one or two evenings in the week.

They will make it a point to stay dry often to be treated to ice cream by their parents or taken to a park. 

Children will know they will be rewarded every time they come out dry. This will, in turn, build a habit with them to exercise toilet training correctly. 

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Having Some Kind of Incentive 

To have some kind of consequence for all of the children’s actions will be a good way to start their training in the toilet.

It will include getting a jar and give them a sweet little gift to put in that jar for every dry diaper. 

When the jar is full, the child will get a gift. Every time they soil a diaper, tell them to take a gift out of the jar.

It will teach them the value of things they like. If there’s a precious gift to them and they have to lose it, they will feel bad to avoid feeling that, children will develop a habit to stay clean. 


Whether your children will learn the correct toilet practices depends on how effective your techniques and methods are.

It is essential to ensure whatever methods you apply to have something to take away for your kids.

The hope of a gift or a visible perk in the potty training reward ideas will encourage them to follow the habit well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Good Reward for Potty Training? 

Keep a jar somewhere close, fill it with your child’s favorite candy, and it will encourage him to stay clean the entire day.

This way, he will develop a habit of staying clean like you always wanted for him. 

Should You Use Rewards for Potty Training? 

It is definitely important to use rewards for potty training.

Planning small activities like taking them on a trip to the park or library and playing a game will motivate children to practice otherwise uninteresting skills. 

How Long Do You Reward Potty Training? 

The ideal approach is to ease away from the rewards slowly.

You can easily switch to long-term goals without making it too obvious for your children, so they keep practicing the etiquette and now more to achieve the goals you set for them. 

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