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UPPAbaby G-LUXE vs. G-LITE- Which One to Choose?

In this article, we’ll review the UPPAbaby G-LUXE vs. G-LITE and see which one comes out on top!

Model & Make
Best Seller
UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller, Jake (Black)
Best Budget
2018 UPPAbaby G-LITE Stroller -Jake (Black/Carbon)
UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller, Jake (Black)
2018 UPPAbaby G-LITE Stroller -Jake (Black/Carbon)
Best Seller
Model & Make
UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller, Jake (Black)
UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller, Jake (Black)
Best Budget
Model & Make
2018 UPPAbaby G-LITE Stroller -Jake (Black/Carbon)
2018 UPPAbaby G-LITE Stroller -Jake (Black/Carbon)

Are you a new parent looking for options to get some relaxing time while taking a walk without having to carry your baby in your arms?

Well, the answer is a good stroller which will not just accompany you in the travels, but also keep your baby relaxed. 

When you are out exploring the world, carrying your baby should be the least of your worries.

Therefore, we are here to suggest to you an immensely lightweight stroller brand UPPAbaby and its two models- G-Lite and G-Luxe.

In this review, we will compare these models and tell you the similarities and significant differences.

What is G-LUXE Stroller?

UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller, Jake (Black)
  • 2017 model G-LUXE Stroller
  • New one action brake plus lightweight aluminum frame with robust profile
  • Easy open, removable height adjustable canopy and shock-absorbing, 4-wheel suspension
  • Easy to remove fabrics and seat pad
  • Extendable SPF 50 plus sunshade. Spacious Storage

Weighing just 16.3 lbs. the G-LUXE Stroller by UPPAbaby is both fashionable and sheen.

This innovative umbrella-shaped stroller is easy to handle and maneuver.

The braking system is exceptional, and with just one click, you can stop the stroller.

As the name suggests, G-Luxe is luxurious and quite extravagant.

For safety, there is a 5-point harness.

The wheels are large, around 5.5 inches in diameter.

The seat is heavily cushioned, and the fabric is comfortable and cozy. It also has an adjustable footrest.

The seat reclination can be adjusted to almost flat using just a trigger, which is operable with one hand.

However, it is not very robust but keeps your child comfortable during a quick nap. 

When to G-Luxe stroller?

G-LUXE Stroller is a model ideal for shopping and the parents or care-givers having some time to relax.

The four hard rubber wheels with a great suspension.

The front wheels are swivel but can also be locked for stability.

The wheels are easy to push through pavements and flat roads and challenging to push through rough terrains. 

They can be folded effortlessly using just two fingers, and hence you can wear any shoe you want.

When folded, it can stand on its own. Thus, you do not have to worry about carrying.

Therefore, you can take it to a mall, enjoy your shopping, back-sprain-free, stress-free time, and also keep your kid in front of your eyes. 

For storage, you may consider a stroller organizer to keep the essentials handy.

Do not worry about kids making it dirty, as it is machine washable and dries off quickly too.

The canopy is UPF 50+ and multi-paneled.

You can easily adjust push-back or extend of the canopy, depending on your child’s comfort. 

  • The seat can be reclined to almost flat The adjustable footrest frees the kid’s pain for riding long hours. Extremely lightweight but can carry weight up to 55 pounds.
  • The handlebars are Ergonomic One-point braking and folding mechanism The canopy can be adjusted for better protection

  • It is not compatible with the infant seat of any car, hence not so travel friendly.  
G-LUXE Stroller

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What is G-LITE Stroller?

2018 UPPAbaby G-LITE Stroller -Jake (Black/Carbon)
  • NEW! 2018 model G-LITE Stroller
  • Mesh sling seat for breathability and comfort without adding weight
  • Zipper recline
  • Larger knit canopy with extendable SPF 50+ sunshade
  • Included cup holder

Another excellent travel stroller is genuinely lightweight and lives up to the name.

Weighing just 11.2 pounds, this compound structure is made for babies aged six months and above.

It is around 2 inches taller than the Luxe model.

G-LITE stroller flaunts a mesh back seat, which is breathable and keeps the baby cool throughout the journey. 

As per the latest model, the seat of G-Lite reclines. It, too, has a large SPF 50+ canopy, which protects your child from the scorching heat.

This stroller has a 5-point harness and zipper recline for extra safety to make sure the seat reclines back when the baby nods off. 

When to use a G-LITE stroller?

The G-LITE stroller can carry kids six months to 1 year old and withstand up to 55 pounds.

Therefore, this is best for a little grown-up toddler.

The mesh seat at the back, without increasing any further weight, keeps the kid sweat-free and, therefore, less cranky. 

The stroller folds effortlessly with just one trigger switch and can stand folded on its own. 

The ergonomic handles are best for pushing across a slope.

It also has a basket that can conveniently carry your small knick-knacks.

The tires are comparatively smaller but have a robust baking system.

  • The mesh seat gives room for breathing and ventilation.
  • The 5-point harness ensures the safety of the kid.

  • Very easy to fold and even easier to carry due to its feather-light weight. 

  • The seat is not that well-padded and also does not recline to be flat leveled 

G-LITE Stroller

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Main Differences between G-Luxe and G-Lite

  • Infants can use G-Luxe from 3 months till they reach 55 pounds, whereas G-Lite is allowed to be used only by kids above six months.
  • G-Lite is known to be the lightest travel stroller available. 
  • G-Lite has breathable mesh seats, whereas G-Luxe has more luxurious padding. 
  • Both are easy to travel with, but G-Lite is comparatively lighter. 

Conclusion & Recommendation

While you are considering which one to buy, look at the strollers’ features and characteristics.

In our opinion, if you wish to purchase a glamourous yet multi-functional stroller, we would highly recommend you to go for the G-LUXE Stroller model.

This stroller can recline from 100 degrees to 130 degrees along with a footstool, making it comfortable for the kid to stay calm in the stroller.   G-LUXE Stroller

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