When Can Baby Use Jumper
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When Can Baby Use Jumper? 3 Practical Tips

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When Can Baby Use Jumper

So, when can baby use a jumper? After 6-months or a year? Is this question bugging you?

Having a baby in the house means having so much extra stuff. Whether you bought it or it was a gift, baby stuff can be confusing at times. 

A baby jumper is one of those things that you may not be sure about.

So if you’re wondering when can baby use jumper, then this article is the one for you.

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When can baby use jumper

A jumper is one of the baby things that you don’t know that you needed until you get it.

It is a mobile play area where you can put your baby as you go about your other business. 

While the baby is seated, they can also jump and move around, hence its name.

Also, some come with attached toys and activities that your baby can engage in while playing. 

Jumpers help in your baby’s leg muscle development, and they also improve their motor skills while playing with the attachments.

While you may want your baby to start using it immediately, some of the things you should consider first include:

1. Neck & torso support

Your baby’s neck should be fully able to support its head before it can use a jumper.

This greatly reduces the risk of a head injury due to a lack of muscle control.

They also need to support their torso so that they can sit upright on the jumper. 

Please note that you should remove your baby from the jumper if they fall asleep.

Besides it is a very uncomfortable position, they also run the risk of obstructing their airway if left alone.

2. Height

Even though they’ll be doing a lot of bouncing in the jumper, your baby’s legs still need to reach the floor.

Leaving them hanging off the jumper can expose them to injury due to lack of stability.

Some jumpers have multiple height settings, and you can adjust and change as your baby gets taller.

3. Age of the baby

Generally speaking, babies are ready to use a jumper from between 4 to 6 months old.

By this time, their neck muscles have matured, and they can hold themselves upright with no help.

However, this is unique to each baby, and you can try it when you’re sure that yours is ready.

4. Time spent in the jumper

A jumper can be an excellent way for you to spend some quality time without the baby, but you need to be careful not to overdo it.

It is recommended that your baby should use the jumper not more than 20 minutes at a time for only 2 times a day at most. 

Any longer can end up negatively affecting their leg muscles and hindering their developmental milestones.

You should also keep in mind that a jumper is temporary, so stop using it once your baby starts walking or tries to climb out.

5. Comfort

Your baby should be as comfortable as possible in the jumper. They all come with padding on the seat, and you can choose the one that feels right for them.

6. Cleanliness

Since this is something that a baby uses, you need to clean it regularly.

It will ensure that the jumper is safe for your baby and doesn’t run the risk of getting sick.

Go for a brand that has removable parts so that cleaning it is easy and fast.

7. Location

You need to place the jumper somewhere you can see and get to quickly in case of anything.

It should not be near anything that can beat choking hazards because your baby can grab that.

Getting a few minutes to yourself as a parent can sometimes feel like it’s impossible.

Babies take up a lot of time, so any small break is very needed and appreciated.

That is why a jumper is so helpful in the house. Honestly, every mother should know when can baby use jumper to make life easier and more well-rested.

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