When Do Kids Learn Colors
Baby Toddler Development

When Do Kids Learn Colors

Parents are curious to know when do kids learn colors.

Apart from ensuring a child’s physical development, parents are eager to ensure proper mental development.

So it will be really exciting for your kid when she starts learning colors. Let’s see when your kid should learn colors.

When Do Kids Learn Colors?

A kid can see colors when he is four months old. But, until then, he might be able to see only bright colors. So, when do kids learn colors?

Typically, when your child is 18 months old, you can start teaching him different colors.

However, 18 months is an average time, and it may vary from child to child. Some children may urge to learn colors at an earlier age. 

Your child will be able to notice colors when he is four months old. But he will take some time to understand and memorize the actual colors.

Performing activities related to colors will probably take more time. Therefore, you should wait for at least 18 months to teach your kid about all the colors.

You must include various activities in your teaching about colors. This will not only excite the child but also elevate his interest in learning the colors.

It is possible that your kid may take some time to correctly match the color with the color name. So, I suggest you should not scold him when he fails to do it. 

Every kid’s development cannot be the same. Appreciate him for trying and tell him the right answer at once. Mostly, 4-year-olds are able to point to the right color.

1. To Make Color Leaning Easy?

Teaching a child about colors and shapes can really be tiresome. So to make it fun, you can include color-identifying activities for your kid in his daily routine. 

Randomly ask him to tell you the color of his shirt or the color of his tennis ball.

If he isn’t able to answer that, help him recall the color. This way, he will enjoy learning about colors.

Believe me; my kid also started asking me, ‘Mom, what is the color of my shoes today?’

Also, when you ask him random questions on colors, he will start asking you more about colors.

2. Give Him More Information About Colors

We know that different colors give different information.

When your kid is clearly identifying all the colors, it’s time that you teach him the symbolism of those colors.

For example, the red color symbolizes a variety of meanings. Red can indicate ‘danger’ in some cases and indicate ‘stop’ in the case of traffic lights. 

Now, colors also indicate our health. For example, if your arm has a blue spot, it means that part is bruised.

If your skin turns red, it indicates that you’ve been in the sun for quite some time.

This way, you can teach your child more information about colors once he’s successfully identified all the colors (probably after 18 months).

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3. Make It Fun!

So, when do kids learn colors? When your kid is about 18 months old, he will identify the dissimilarities in colors and shapes. 

Verbally teach him about different colors. Make him habitual of identifying colors in his daily routine. 

Grab a few sheets of different colors. Then, ask him to sort the similar colored sheets.

Once he does that, ask him to pronounce the colors of the sorted groups verbally. 

Trust me; your kid is going to enjoy this activity! Don’t make this activity stressful for them; they may not like it.

Indulge the toddler in more exciting, fun activities to teach him colors.


So, when do kids learn? There’s actually a particular age for learning colors. Most kids start identifying colors when they are 18 months old.

However, some kids may learn it after they turn 2. 

To make this more fun, you can include matching, sorting, etc., let your child enjoy this development phase of his!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should My 2-Year-Old Know Colors?

Absolutely! A 2-year-old is absolutely open to learning colors. But every child’s development is different. 

Just start with the very basic colors first. Then, go step by step, including a tinge of fun activities in your child’s learning!

You may start teaching your kid about colors earlier than two years also.

At What Age Should a Child Match Colors?

A child will be able to match colors when he’s 15 months old. When he’s 18 months old, he should be able to pronounce the color names as well.

Sorting and matching are two fun activities that most kids love.

What Should My 2.5-Year-Old Kid Be Able to Do?

Although your kid starts noticing colors when he is three months old, he will learn to identify colors quite late.

A 2.5-year-old toddler should identify colors, sort them, match them, and know their symbolism.

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