When To Lower Crib
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When To Lower Crib?

When your baby is growing, questions like when to lower crib are bound to cloud our minds.

We don’t know when exactly the baby might grow and at what point we should lower their crib.

As parents, we want to be sure about everything related to our baby’s wellness and health.

Parenthood can bring us many questions and concerns, such as the baby’s sleeping position and at what level you should set their mattress. 

When To Lower Crib For Your Baby?

One never has to be stressed out by any of these questions; as new parents, you will have to go through this phase, and you will have to be calm and positive.

However, we must always be aware of sleep safety basics

It is not necessary to know every detail about it; even the working knowledge of these basics might work to protect your baby against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

You don’t have to lose your sleep for your baby anymore if you are watching a few things correctly. 

There are a few standard practices that will ensure that your baby is sleeping fine and comfortable.

There can be the ins and outs of adjusting the crib’s height for your baby. 

What’s most important in this process is being near your baby at all times; if you sleep in a different room from your baby, it may become difficult to observe whether he’s comfortable while resting. 

Making sure he’s not restless right before sleep is the most important thing to do.

The following article talks about all the practices to understand the best crib height for your growing baby. 

1. Practice Back Sleeping For The Baby 

It is essential to protect your baby against the much-dreaded SIDS.

To reduce the risk of getting it, your baby should always be put to sleep on their back.

If your baby can roll over by themselves, only then is it okay for the baby to sleep on their stomach. 

Swaddling the baby shouldn’t be the right thing to do; it creates another suffocation risk.

In addition, using sleep positioners is never recommended as they pose a risk for babies as they can roll over and press their face against the positioner itself.

2. Avoid Extras In The Crib 

It’s true about sleep positioners being a cause of suffocation for babies, and it is strongly restricted to keep in the baby’s crib.

Not just that, it is essential to avoid all extras such as big stuffed animals, loose blankets, pillows, and toys as well. 

The only thing safe to keep in the crib is the blanket that’s swaddling your baby.

Even sleep sacks you sometimes use to keep them warm and nice are an appropriate option for your babies.

You should avoid loose blankets completely as they will only add to your worry. 

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3. Room-Sharing With The Baby Is Important 

At least for the first six months or a year, it is necessary to sleep in the same room as your baby.

You don’t want to miss his little movements and actions through sleep.

However, it is not essential to sleep on the same bed, which is considered a hazard for infants. 

You should make sure you put your baby to sleep in a crib or a separate sleeping space to yours.

Some people choose to get a co-sleeper that will only keep your baby within arm’s reach and yet be a completely different sleep space. 


When to lower crib for a baby? This is one of the many questions all parents have, and it is natural to be overwhelmed as new parents sometimes.

What height of the crib should be considered right for the baby sometimes also depends on how old your baby is or even his weight.

One does not need to stress out very much and keep reading up and talking to people that will answer all their questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Level Should A Crib Mattress Be? 

It can be convenient if you can make occasional adjustments to lower the crib.

However, one must never forget that the crib mattress can’t be less than 26 inches in height below the side rail. 

At Which Height Is It No Longer Safe For A Toddler To Sleep In A Crib? 

Once the child’s height is 35 inches, the caretaker can discontinue using the crib with the help of crib regulations and instructions.

The sleep environment for children growing above 35 inches should be completely different. 

Is It Safe To Lower The Crib Mattress To The Floor? 

There are some cribs that are easily convertible, and others need adjustment and augmentation to keep the crib functioning.

When making such adjustments, it is important to be cautious about the gap between the mattress top and the bottom of the crib. 

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