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8 Best Moisturizer For Baby Hair

Looking for the best moisturizer for baby hair?

Moisturizing is the key to keep the baby’s hair soft and manageable. Dry and itchy scalp can be critical to an irritable day for your little one. Using a moisturizer for baby hair prevents moisture loss by evaporation.

Parents must go for the best moisturizer for baby hair to treat such conditions and keep your little one’s scalp healthy and clean. These also promote hair growth and provides essential nourishment.

What Should You Be Looking for In The Best Moisturizer For Baby Hair?


While looking for the best moisturizer for baby hair, always choose natural products. Moreover, prefer a product that has sulfate, phosphate, or phthalate-free terms mentioned in its description.

Choose a Hypoallergenic product because they keep the hair gently.

Hair Type

Always prefer a shampoo or oil that hydrates hair when looking for a product for babies. Choose products that work on dry and curly hair generously.


Look for a product that provides complete moisturization to your baby’s hair. It will help to retain the natural shine and color of your toddler’s hair. Choose a product that is lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy on the head.

The Best Moisturizer for Baby Hair: Our Picks

#1 Johnson’s Aloe Vera And Vitamin E Baby Oil – Best Overall

Johnson’s is known for its best quality baby products, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E baby oil is no exception. This product is ideal for both kids and adults.

It helps to moisturize and protect your baby’s skin. It provides ten times more moisture to your baby’s scalp, keeping it hydrated and smooth.

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Enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E, this baby oil is phthalate-free and safe for the baby’s scalp. It is tested by a dermatologist and has a hypoallergenic formula to keep your baby’s scalp gentle. It’s a natural baby hair product.

Adults can also apply this oil on their dry skin to add glow.


● Applicable for both adults and kids irrespective of their age

● Aloe vera and Vitamin E hydrates skin and adds glow

● Works pretty well on all the skin type

● Provides 10x moisture to the skin


● The smell is strong which may be disturbing for kids

 #2 Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula – The one for all

Palmer’s Coconut Oil treats damaged and frizzy hair with its leave-in conditioner. It is made up of Coconut oil, Monoi oil, and silk amino acid that reduces split ends, controls frizzy hairs, detangles hairs, moisturizes, and hydrates hair.

It is a plant-based oil that brings out shiny, sleek, and beautiful hair. It acts as a barrier to frizz, dust, and pollution.

It works well for kids as well as adults. It is a hair product for African American babies as well. This product has a non-greasy and light texture that is resistant to dust and dirt.


● Keeps hair soft, non-greasy, and makes them lighter.

● It works as a leave-in conditioner

● It is a 100% natural organic product


● Some users may find it’s smell intense and nauseous

 #3 ORS Olive Oil Moisture Shampoo – Best-Selling 

It is a well-known fact that olive oil is very healthy for hairs and skin. ORS Olive Oil moisture shampoo is no exception. It gently cleans, detangles, and smoothens your hair. 

This product maintains the PH balance of your baby hair, especially when you use the best baby’s hair brush. It enriches hairs and keeps them hydrated, and thus it’s perfect hair moisturizer for kids.

It contains 100% natural products to keep your hair healthy and manageable. The Olive oil present in the shampoo provides strength, while the Aloe vera hydrates and cleans your hair.

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● It untangles the hair and retains their natural shine and color

● It works magically on dry coats and suits all the hair type well

● It reduces overall hair loss


● It contains certain chemical ingredients that might cause a side effect

 #4 Just For Me Moisturizer Lotion – Best Detangling

Just for Me, moisturizer Lotion is an infant hair product that keeps your baby’s hair smooth and gentle. It has coconut milk, shea butter, and sunflower oil that keeps your baby’s hair shiny. 

It additionally moisturizes and untangles their hair. It is one of the best moisturizers for baby hair.

Massaging this product into roots of your baby’s hair hydrates, smoothens, and protect their hair. It additionally prevents the hair fall and treats damaged hairs.

This product is free from harmful ingredients like DAE, formaldehyde, sulfates, and paraben.


● It moisturizes and softens baby’s hair

● It is lightweight, non-greasy and provides natural shine to hairs

● It reduces the problem of frizzy hairs


● It has a strong smell

 #5 Miss Jessies Baby Butter crème – Best Lightweight 

Miss Jessie Baby buttercream consists of shea butter, which smoothens and removes frizz from the baby’s hair.

It moisturizes hair and provides a perfect natural shine and color to the follicles. It is a lightweight butter creme that implies it doesn’t feel heavy when applied to strands.


● Works on frizzy and wavy hairs well

● Hydrates hair and makes them shiny 

● Suits well for kids as well as adults


● It may cause harshness to hair due to petroleum and mineral oil in it

 #6 Hair Taming Matte Cream for Babies – Super Nourishment 

If you put a lot of effort into untangling your toddler’s hair, you should go for Hair Taming Matte Cream for Babies. 

It is a gentle Hair cream made up of natural products like coconut oil, Tapioca starch, and jojoba oil. This product is BPA free and phthalate-free; thus, 100% safe for your baby’s hair.

It effectively soothes your baby’s scramble hair, making them gentle and nourished. It smells similar to vanilla essence and removes dirt, oil, and grease entirely out of your toddler’s hair. 

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● This matte cream keeps all the hairs intact

● Works on all types of hair including frizzy hairs

● Adds a perfect shine to hairs


● It makes hair sticky and oily sometimes

 #7 Hip Peas Hair Balm – Best for African American hair

Hip Pea is the best baby hair styling product you can get from any affordable store. This hair styling balm is only made up of natural products and is safe for babies of all ages. It suits all the hair types; thus, you can style your hair in various ways.

Its natural botanical-based formula tames even the most stubborn locks, and thus it is one of the best hair products for African-American babies. This product is tested to ensure the safety of all ages of children. 

With natural plant-based formula, it is hypoallergenic water-soluble as well. It does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is approved by both the PETA and the Leaping Bunny Program.


● It tames all the tangles of your baby’s hair without much hassle

● Made up of 100% natural plant products

● Suits for all the hair types and babies of all the ages.


● It has a very sticky texture

 #8 SheaMoisture Mango & Carrot KIDS Shampoo – Best for Hair Growth

SheaMoisture Mango & carrot shampoo is made up of natural products and doesn’t affect your baby’s skin or hair. 

It provides gentle cleansing to the babies. It nourishes your kid’s hair increasing their strength and protecting them. It also decreases the damage to the strands. 


● Makes hair shiny, smooth, and silky.

● The foam helps you to untangle the hair 

● It reduces hair fall and makes hair healthy.


● It has a strong artificial smell.

● It can leave white particles in hair.


The best quality baby products are necessary for the parents to protect their little ones from specific issues caused by not engaging in the correct baby hair moisturizers.

According to us, the Johnson’s Aloe Vera and vitamin E baby oil is the best pick. Apart from moisturizing, it is an entirely natural baby hair product you can rely on.

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