How To Get a Grown Step Child to Move Out
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How To Get a Grown Step Child to Move Out

Are you also wondering how to get a grown step child to move out?

Don’t worry; most people spend their time researching the same. 

Well, I’ve saved time. In this article, you’ll learn about wiser tips to get your stepchild to move out. Let’s see what they are.

How To Get a Grown Step Child to Move Out?

I know how irritating it is to have your stepchild intervening in your privacy all the time.

He might be creating a troublesome environment in your home. But, on the other hand, he might be frustratingly lazy to do his work. 

Babysitting a grown-up kid sounds really terrifying. So, let’s look at a few moves on how to get a grown stepchild to move out.

If you were doing all his tasks till now, stop them right away. When you make their lives too comfortable, they often become stubborn. 

A stepchild is usually seen taking advantage of his stepmother. If this happens, you should immediately decide to move him out.

If you’ve had mixed feelings about this earlier, just ask your stepchild to move out. 

Make sure that you don’t sound as if you’re kicking him out! Be polite, and if he still doesn’t listen, just have a chat with him.

You could even tell him that you’ll help him with the arrangements.

It would be better if you and your husband show a united front in this matter. Maybe your husband feels the same.

I mean, if both husband and wife want the same thing, your stepchild would be convinced easily. 

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1. Identify The Reasons You Want Your Stepchild Gone

Before jumping to conclusions, it is better that you sit down and write the reasons why you want your stepchild gone.

Is he disturbing your private life? Is he too dependent on you? Is he ruining your marriage?

You might want to write down whether your stepchild is taking advantage of you. Whether he pawns off all of his works on you.

Or if he’s trying to provoke your husband against you.

Sometimes you might feel embarrassed when your stepchild overhears your personal conversations. 

Just tell the kid that it would be fun to live on his own. 

2. Address The Child

So, how to get a grown stepchild to move out?

It is essential that you address your stepchild about the concerning matter. If both you and your husband agree on the matter, you should address the child together.

Talk to him very politely. Present a picture of what it would feel when he will live alone. Tell the kid that you will support him in shifting to a new place.

If the kid says that he can’t afford to live on his own yet, you may volunteer to help him for some time.

You can offer to give a push start to his career. But, first, help him get a good job so that he can afford his living.

3. Set A Deadline!

After having several discussions with your stepchild, you might have concluded. If everyone agrees, you must set a deadline.

Not doing so might delay these things. The kid might start feeling that he doesn’t need to move out.

Keep pressing until it hurts! I don’t mean you actually need to hurt him. Keep pushing him and have these conversations more often.

You can even arrange for him to move out on a particular date to hasten the process. Setting a deadline will help you set things right in an orderly manner.

 Anyway, if you’ve already made up your mind, setting a deadline shouldn’t be an issue.


So, how to get a grown stepchild to move out? Asking him to move out is quite a challenging task.

But, if you’re sure about your decision, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Make sure that all three of you agree to this. If one of you disagrees, it could pile up to be a greater issue.

Parting ways should be done on a good note.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Deal With An Out-Of-Control Stepchild?

First of all, speak to your husband about his child’s behavior. If he agrees, maybe he could provide a resolution for the same.

Next, you must set a base level of the environment in the house. Set some ground rules for the kid and ask him to follow them faithfully.

How Do You Deal With Grown Stepchildren?

Well, you’ll have a really tough time dealing with this. However, setting ground rules at home could be one way to deal with the problem.

If the situation gets worse, you may even talk to your spouse to ask his child to move out. 

How Do You Remove Your Stepson From Your House?

If he listens to you, then do have a proper conversation with him. Tell him that it’ll be fun living when he starts living independently.

If he doesn’t listen to you, ask your husband to have a chat with his son.

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